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Warframe Passive Abilities List


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I posted a thread earlier today about being urked by Ember getting hurt by fire damage and Frost's shield's being affected by ice. I know coming up with a list of passive abilities is a pain in the booty so I came up with one myself. Feel free to add suggestions and modify it:


Ash- No lose of stamina except for running
Banshee- Detailed map radar
Ember- Immune to Fire Damage
Excaliber- Lowered recoil

Frost- Immune to Ice Damage

Loki-Invisible to cameras 

Mag- Attracts ammo on the ground.

Nekros- Instant revive for fallen team-mate

Nova- Use of energy increases health

Nxy- Instant Hack

Rhino- 100% resistance to knockdown

Saryn- Immune to Toxic Damage

Trinity- Aura increase 

Vauban- Immune to traps

Volt- Immune to lasers doors

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Mag seems to be useless as it's only ammo and carrier can do a better job, and sometimes when you only need 2 ammo in a defense that ability is actually bad by wasting one ammo pack for 2 bullets


Nekros' one seems OP, defense mission and he just needs to x, maybe just a shorter time frame


Rhino: Makes iron skin even more pointless


Vauban: explain traps


Saryn: Might be OP as well, maybe lessen the percentage as she can just charge at toxic ancients without harm.


The rest a fine IMO, actually helps to make the frames make more sense. I remembering using frost for the first time on an ice map and was wondering why it affected me.

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Volt - Immune to laser doors


Are you S#&$ting me? That's the most useless passive ever especially when you can already just slide through them or shoot the cameras causing said laser doors to be active.

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Loki, Mag, Nova, Vauban and Volt seem kinda useless. Nekros seems kinda op, but it would make him immensely useful from what he is now. Saryn's is only viable against two infested enemies.



Perhaps it could be:


Loki-30% more movement and Sprint Speed when stealthed

Mag- Allows you to pick locks (Master Thief but as her passive instead)

Nekros- Revive teammates 70% faster, immune to all damage but not crowd control while reviving

Nova- Increased power range for each consecutive kill up to a cap, will decay if have not killed any enemy after some time

Saryn- Enemies killed by Saryn leave behind a poison cloud which will linger for awhile, poisoning nearby enemies. any poison damage also heals Saryn for a small amount of health (only poison damage from enemies or from the passive poison cloud)

Vauban- Has 6 more Warframe Mod Capacity and an extra Mod Slot in Warframe Primary Secondary and Melee (not sentinel)

Volt- Entire team gets 20% increased movement and sprint speed (for this to work they will need to remove Speed, which is awful)

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