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Slash DoT + Viral vs Slash DoT + Primed Faction mod


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6 minutes ago, ShichiseitenYasha said:

Since no one here could give a good answer. 

Viral functions similar to a total damage multiplier. Thus, being that Viral starts at +100% damage at 1 tick and ends at +325% damage at 10 stacks, it would be viral if we ignore all other factors. Primed Banes, even, only scale to +55%. 

The only difference is that DoTs apparently double dip with faction mods, thus the effect of them on Slash DoT becomes (1+0.55)*(1+0.55)=2.4025 AKA a +140.25% boost. Viral is still more than double as powerful, though.

From the Wiki:

"Each tick deals damage equal to  0.35 × Modded Damage × (1 + Faction Damage Mods) as TrueDmg b.png True damage"

Where Faction Damage mods are also included in the "Modded Damage" value.

The effective slash proc would be Enemy vulnerability x 0.35 × Modded Damage × (1 + Faction Damage Mods) as TrueDmg b.png True damage

Where Enemy vulnerability is the effect of Viral procs. Going from 2-4.25 as mentioned above.

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I'd say that it depends. Its situational. Viral is better generally, but you have to proc it and slash, whereas bane mods dont need procs. If you have a high status, then viral for sure. Because your never just dealing slash procs, but also weapon damage. Plus viral also makes enemies take more damage from allied weapons, as well as a weapon you could switch to, or a damaging power. Bane mods only affect your weapons.

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