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Leech/Parasitic Eximus drains energy while paused solo

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Today while running a solo Mot SP survival I realized that leech/parasitic eximus units were draining my energy while I had the game paused. 

The first couple times I thought I just happened to pause the game with exactly zero energy. After like the third time I realized what was happening. 


At the start of the video you can see that I have ~95 energy when I pause the game and when I unpause I have ~65 energy.

Later at about 2:15 in the video I have ~417 energy when I pause and  when I unpause I have ~387. 


Sorry for the long video. I wanted to try and get several smaller clips but, I was losing life support and I had already died once trying to get footage of the bug.

Took my first death in almost 3 hours and wasn't about to fail due to life support documenting a bug so this will have to do. 


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