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"Network Proxy Detected" red message

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After getting the update, the very first mission I ran had this large red text message on the top center of the screen saying something to the effect of "Network Proxy Detected: check network settings".  After a few minutes it went away, and I haven't seen it again.  Anyone else seen this message?

I have no proxy.  I have a pretty simple standard cable modem + wifi setup, provided by a fairly large ISP whom I don't believe would have any proxy going on.


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OP here..  I do still get this message, seemingly at random.

The best guess I have is maybe certain squad mates are triggering it.  Maybe they are behind some sort of proxy or buggy network device. I wonder if it could be related to MTU issues.

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I haven't seen it either. On XBox they're testing some new netcode that's meant to better address proxies, so it's possible we got some remnant of it in the previous build. This popup also didn't seem to do anything, other than occupy screen space. Just kind of ominous having RED CAPITALS sitting there the entire mission.

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