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Necramech Showcase Contest [Winners Announced]!

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I like good stories, so I am going to try to accompany the exhibition of my necramech with a Story. : D


(In case of recounting, let it be with an old man's voice so that it is more epic xd.)


"necramech V1-N1290-43 (voidrig model), was one of the first necramechs to be made in the old war, and also to fall, due to its imperfections.


An exceptional and talented tenno found his parts in deimos, then repaired them and made some improvements.


Now this necramech reborn from the ashes and will take revenge against his old enemies of war ... "

Psn ID: Sr-Matthew

Good luck to everyone ^_^



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I had an error with the video and the text
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Here is my entry video, I apologize for the low quality but my PC is not the best, though at least it runs Warframe like a charm, so kudos for that.

Hope you all enjoy and the best of luck to everyone!


Edit: A bit of backstory for this one, it is my first ever video made in captura, the first time I participate in a Warframe contest or any contest really and my second, maybe third post overall in the forums.

I attempted to demonstrate how a single Tenno can be a "one man army" you can see both the Warframe (Excal Umbra) the Kavat (Vasca) and the Operator all fighting against the incomming threat of the sentients and the corrupted on Lua and at the top of it all, an ally we surely welcomed, the Necramech, ready to inflict serious damage upon them.

Lua is specially important for me since I grew fond of this game primarily when going through the "Sacrifice" questline, and the Proto aesthetic along with the Glaive, brings back memories of an old time favorite of mine, Dark Sector.

Thanks a bunch if you read through all this nonesense and remember... 

"Those who brave the thorn may eat the rare fruit." - Teshin Dax

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My entry for necramech showcontest (I have to try a lot of times due to the amount of bugs with advance camera tools). Not the scene I really liekd of all my tries, but I couldn't freeze the capture mode to change options or change position of some cameras cause tools got bugged (I will upload the bugs videos on PCbugs later)



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