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Please remove the timer countdown when someone is not ready

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Some players just immediately starts the timer whenever I’m not ready for the next mission/sortie/fissure like I told them million times to don’t start the timer but they kept doing it ,I was the highest mr 13 (now I’m 14) 

and they were like 4-7, and i was thinking that players below mr 7 they didn’t know that everyone needs to be ready to able to start the timer,I mean I like carrying people but when someone immediately starts the timer it gets me frustrated rn, they just won’t let me change load outs/builds. 
please remove the gosh sake the timer cuz I’m getting frustrated when someone immediately starts without someone being ready 

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Should definitely not be able to start the timer if someone selects the X to indicate that they aren't ready. But saying you aren't ready should also expire after like 30 to 60 seconds, and have a cooldown to prevent trolling.

At least 3/4 should have to indicate ready before starting, and then there should be a longer countdown than 10 seconds. The 10 second countdown should be for 4/4 ready.

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There are many things you can do when it comes down to the timer. You can leave the group and queue for another, you can ask for help on the recruiting channel and get a team of players who know what they're doing or you could explain to the new players how the system works and that they shouldn't spam the "mission start" button. There are so many solutions other than the radical action of increasing a timer that frustrates many players, my self included, as is.

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