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"Enable asset caching" feature on launcher on future updates


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Asset caching is a feature that allow saving texture on memory to speed up load on missions when entering same mission again, as we know, the Multi threaded rendering feature were allowing players to load fast in mission, in particular open world missions like Poe, .. .

This feature would be as an option in the launcher, the player has the option to turn it on and off, so people will low end pc (like me), will benefit from fast loading missions, thus improving mission results and performance such as eidolons, profit taker, events, ....

Thanks for considering this topic for further analysis.



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how about no? it rly won't help you anyhow on low end pc.

people who got actually long loads on their 4-8mb cache mobile cpu's should finally upgrade for something stronger, or not expect game to work smoothly on something so outdated. more than that, caching is already there, making it cache more stuff wont lead to anything but more read/write bandwidth.

also function you talking about caused memory leak,  fixing that leak caused fixing that speed load feature. so you trying to request bug-based feature, warframe got enough bugs don't ask for one more pls.

get better pc.

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