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i m sure many of you guys have seen stalker recently and maybe you seen the change in his pattern or the faact that he stuns you and negates your defensive powers, it s frutrating, okay i don t mind the changes it quite challenging it s too challenging, i mean i m not a pro player with warframes equiped with god mods on and my skill aaren t good enough to say that i m pro but i m skilled enough to solo mission easy. Ok so stalker has changes i don t mind but it s hard now, i ve seen 7 times in 3 days i ve died each single time, i don t have sentinels at the moment, my internet doesn t work so i have to go on my public ones witch don t allow multi player mode so i m stuck playing solo, and i vee been playing warframe for 2 month, now stalker is unkillable for me, i wouldn t mind dying to him if i had the hate bp but i don t and i want it but i can t haveit since i die everytimes he comes, if you need to be smart to get him pokay i understand but it s just to much, i m dying and losing reanimation for nothing, there is also the fact that everytimes he comes i m in a little area so hard to escape him, what can i do ?

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