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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.8 +


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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.8

Ensmallening Part 3: Mesh Accuracy + Sound Fidelity. 


We bring you Part 3 of the ensmallening. By now you already know about Part 1 and Part 2,but now we will go into how we are changing Mesh Accuracy and Sound Fidelity.

We expect the download size to be 7 GB  with an estimated 3.6 GB of savings overall, meaning the game just got 3.6 GB smaller in file size!  These numbers may vary slightly. 


Mesh Accuracy:
A big part of the Ensmallening Part 3 is how Meshes are changing. Not only are we reducing filesize, we are also significantly improving quality.

Look to this Before and After for the improvements you can expect:

Take care to observe the eyes and mouth and ear details. Jagged details are widespread. 


Take care to see the improved contours and details across the Mesh. A much smoother finished piece!

Sound Fidelity:
This one is for the audiophiles! 

We are making some changes to the way we handle encoding of Warframe’s audio. We are replacing xWMA with OPUS and a new ADPCM encoder! ADPCM will provide less noise and brighter mids. It also has improved spatialization so that the full audio mix just feels more alive.

Here is a spectrum plot of sine sweep 20-20k with the new ADPCM encoder above the old. Much improved!



In general, Opus will really improve the way you hear Warframe’s accompanying music. We also expect this to improve general synchronization and any start up lag! Stay tuned for a future Devstream where we go over this in a bit more detail, too, for the audiophiles out there!


DTLS Roll-Out

We are testing some new network code out in this Hotfix. Even though we’ve tested it extensively on the Test Cluster we need more coverage!

The primary goal of these changes is to improve networking for Xbox players by replacing some proprietary network code; when these changes make it to Xbox they will enable our automatic proxy service that already helps players with Strict NAT and other network problems on other platforms (this is something we’ve wanted to get to Xbox players for a long time).

The added advantage of this new code is that it should be more secure and more robust on networks that corrupt network packets (we already defend against this to some degree but the new code is more thorough). This won’t make your ping any better but if something is mangling network packets we might be able to avoid it causing bugs in the game.

We’ll be monitoring the roll-out closely and will be able to disable quickly if we encounter problems. Please comment any related issues you have in this thread - thanks!



  • Reduced the number of DirectX12 micro-stutters that would occur mostly right after loading into a new area.

  • Optimized download speed for fresh installs from the Epic Online Store or from the stand-alone installer.

  • Made some micro-optimizations to rendering on all platforms.

  • Made micro-optimizations to DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 rendering.

  • Optimized away several MB of memory used by DirectX 11 to track shaders.

  • Optimized away 7 MB of memory used by DirectX 12 to track shaders.

  • Optimized DirectX 12 shader memory footprint and run-time performance.

  • Fixed memory leak that would occur when running the Enhanced Rendering in DirectX 12.



  • Lavos/Cedo and their parts can now be purchased from Father’s Wares for Entrati Standing:

    • Lavos Blueprint: Rank 2 - Acquaintance 

    • Lavos Chassis/Neuroptics/Systems: Rank 3 - Associate 

    • Cedo Blueprint: Rank 4 - Friend

    • Cedo Barrel/Receiver/Stock: Rank 5 - Family*

  • Added missing Orphix Venom Leaderboards to the Archived section.



  • Added a confirmation prompt when selecting to ‘REMOVE ALL’ Mods in the Upgrade screen to alleviate accidental removals. 

    • Accidental removal happened quite frequently when using a controller due to the button to remove a single Mod and all Mods are the same, and is dependent on whether your controller cursor is over a Mod at the time.

  • Tweaked Kuva Lich login Transmission probably so they don’t play at each login.

  • Minor improvements for the Cedo firing animations.



  • Fixed inability to use Railjack navigation if the mission failed.

  • Fixed Fishing breaking when putting away the Fishing Spear in certain conditions.

  • Fixed Transferring to Operator being temporarily blocked by Warframe landing a Bullet Jump.

  • Fixed zero Damage numbers appearing for unranked Stahlta primary fire.

  • Fixed Stahlta Alt Fire bolts not exploding from Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones when the Unreal Shock Rifle Skin is equipped.

  • Fixed visual bug where the player firing the Stahltas Alt Fire appears to fire indefinitely if the Unreal Shock Rifle Skin is equipped.

  • Fixed ability to fire equipped weapons during Wisp’s Sol Gate when the Helminth ability Empower is cast prior. 

  • Fixed ‘Rank Up’ HUD not displaying specific item or level while piloting a Necramech.

  • Fixed bindings that have multiple entries showing in the incorrect order (i.e. Ability A would show NUM1 instead of 1 in the Railjack HUD as well as in the keyboard bindings screen).

  • Fixed Deimos Isolation Vault Bounties displaying with "no expiry", when in reality, the rewards do rotate (like the normal Bounties do).

  • Fixed Necramech waypoint not being the standard numbered waypoint.

  • Fixed Bonewidow's shield appearing on other Necramechs in the Arsenal if you were just looking at Bonewidow and it had a Skin equipped.

  • Fixed Eudico’s “reveal” not appearing for her Transmissions despite Old Mate Syndicate Ranking. 

  • Fixed missing Hecaton Shotgun Skin reload animation when equipped on the Cedo.

  • Fixed Pending Friends list not initially showing Mastery Ranks. 

  • Fixed Star Chart music playing underneath End of Mission rewards screen.

  • Fixed enemy ship sounds playing over Quest cinematics.

  • Fixed Codex mission icons having icon transparency where unexpected.

  • Fixed the Chat window rendering behind The Index Mission Progress screen.

  • Fixed autocomplete showing the hint and text you typed, instead of just showing one. 

  • Fixed another case of Terlyast spawn sound persisting when returning to Plains of eidolon from Cetus after spawn has started.

  • Fixed typo in the Mastery Rank Inbox message.

  • Fixed script error that could occur if you died while Fishing.



Orphix Venom: Hotfix

Performance Fixes:

- Fixed performance issues that started when everyone was set to opt-in to DX12 Beta Mode in the Launcher. Whoops! It’s opt-in for a reason. 
- Fixed a crash related to the Sound changes as described in the Great Ensmallening Part 3. 

- Fixed an issue with some geysers in the Grineer Ocean tileset pushing you out of world instead of teleporting you back to land. 
- Fixed the False Profit Gold trophy being missing/causing the game to crash if you tried to place it in your Clan Dojo

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Thanks for the patch, but next time could you maybe not make the update just before the end of the sorties? I was at mission 2/3 and can no longer do the last mission because I have to download several GB. 

Edit: Sounded now more negative than it should :(
Thank you for your commitment

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