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Let Tenno Use Other Frames' Abilities?


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How about adding a new slot for using the other frames' abilities?


Just like an Aura slot, a new slot for the 5 key to use the other frames' abilities. The mod will use more points than normal. E.g. Nova M.Prime cost 7 points and 100 energy so on the other frame it would be 15 points and 200 energy...


I know people wont like this idea so I add some more limitation. Only the key 1 and 2 abilities can be use on the other frame. Iron skin cannot be pick as this will be a game breaker...


At the end of the day, I still think there have some potential regards of this idea but I dont know how to balance it so please leave some feedback here and we can do the discuss here.

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No. I don't want to see Nova with iron skin.

you clearly didnt read the whole OP. I stated that cannot pick Iron skin as this will be a game breaker.


The DE's made only 10 slots to make us do decisions, so, adding new slots will break the system(don't forget formas) :3

I think I heard from the livestream that they may increase the slot but I will have to check it again later on the day. (The last stream)

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instead of just "adding an alternate slot" why not let us customize a warframe? (yes, this is a complete pipe-dream)


build the systems component with the 4 abilities you want to use. (must have mod cards)

you can't have 4 ults, you can't have 4 level 2's. you must choose one power from "1" out of each other frame.

one power from "2" from each other frame. etc. etc.


modify the stats from the differing helmets and chassis components in the game. 

(hell, allow various materials to alter it, however)


running around with 

mag's pull

loki's stealth

frost's snow globe 

nova's MP


'cause sure.. THAT wouldn't be OP or anything.




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Don't think so since frame's powers are what make them unique. Mixing them up will result in most frames become skins. Every frame fits certain theme in the game.


I think giving more meaning to powers' progression would be a better idea than the current one that increases base statistics. It's mindlessly boring.

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