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Heal Restore Or Ammo Restore Bp?


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Any is fine. Heals are rare and they'll pop out the least when you need it. Ammo drain is common as well. Although I'll support taking the ammo anyway.


Nekros doesn't give you health like trinity does

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He doesn't. But in all my gameplays he drops excessive heal balls. Or unless you're telling me that my RNG compatible with all Nekros that it'll drop 90% heals.


He's dropping heal balls because of Desecrate, Which I never use it because It's not a good ability, It requires a corpse to use with and it takes up quite


a bit of energy, Maybe if it was like Excalibur's super jump that required only 10 energy..

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Considering your points, I would suggest heals for you then, since I believe you are more concerned about the health issues rather than ammo. After all, as the old equation goes, 0 HP = 0 DPS.


But also, do consider revives from teammates as well. While you might have heals and revives, if you don't have bullets, you'll loop the scenario.


Buy it for 2.5k or whatever it costs and don't bother running that mission another 5 times


or that. I think it's the same one in the market.


Edit: It's actually the x10, so still worth doing :) It's 250k on the market(iirc).

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