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Excalibur (non-Prime/non-Umbra) and Chromatic Blade Bug

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Placed Chromatic Blade into Excalibur (non-Prime and non-Umbra) and set my main emission to a shade of Red in order to have Heat. However, once I check the Exalted Blade stats, it shows no Heat but it shows Electricity instead.

Changed the emission color to have Toxin but the Exalted Blade still has Electricity. This issue doesn't happen with Excalibur Umbra.

I am very sure that it is set to have Heat as my Excalibur also has Elemental Ward subsumed which grants bonus health if activated (which is the bonus when using Heat).

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Just to rule it out; Are you sure you're equipping the color to the correct slot? The left-most box in the Emissive section is responsible for Chromatic Blades' represented Element, while the right-most box is purely aesthetic. 

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