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About us

Quasars Legacy is a shadow clan that was created by former Quasars members, recruiters, and officers.
We aim to reach the top of the leaderboards at every event. Our goal is to keep the competitivity in Warframe during events as our center our gravity while keeping a friendly atmosphere.
We are not affiliated with the Quasars and Quasars Storm clans.

If you're interested by our clan, make sure to read the entire post!



As a competitive clan, we are looking for players filling the following requirements

  • At least 700 in-game hours,
  • Mastery Rank 23 or higher,
  • Eager to learn and improve their skills,
  • Discord.

That's not it! We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding toxicity and toxic behavior.

You must be friendly, active and competitive! 


Our rules

We have a few simple rules that we expect all members to follow.

  • Respect should always be your priority

Please keep in mind that Quasars Legacy consists of players from all around the world. We will not tolerate attacks on a clanmates culture, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

Even though competitivity is a thing, disrespecting your clan mates during runs, or even in private, isn't tolerable, as well as trolling in public servers.

  • Don't be scared to interact with your new clan mates!

Everybody is welcome in our clan. Don't be scared to make a small room for yourself during a conversation. You can also contact one of our officers if you're struggling with that.

  • Going to be inactive for a bit? Let us know!

Please contact one of our officers to notify us about your inactivity. If you're inactive for more than 15 days, you might get kicked out of the clan! You will be able to come back if we still have some room! 


How to become one of us

To apply to Quasars Legacy please reply to this thread using the following form :

Mastery Rank: 
In-game Hours: 
Previous clan: 
Started playing: 
Discord ID: 
About me:

While we can’t guarantee everyone a place, recruiters will consider your request and get back to you as soon as possible!


Other informations

  • All current dojo research are completed, and all new research started within minutes of launch
  • We are part of V Alliance
  • We have a clan rankup system
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IGN: Shieldingv
Mastery Rank: 7
In-game Hours: ~130
Country: Romania
Languages: Romanian-Good English
Previous clan: -
Started playing: First started playing around 2014
Discord ID: 
About me: University student 4th year in engineering, my main role in games is generally the support, mostly a stand-up meme guy when no seriousness is necessary, but well mannered and respectful, willing to learn, to play in groups. Forgot most things about warframe, not gonna lie, but i am looking for a friendly community to help me, so I can help them back !

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IGN: wambo
Mastery Rank: 25 i think
In-game Hours: 2.8k
Country: germany
Languages: german, english, french
Previous clan: chair
Started playing: 6y ago
Discord ID: 
About me:
hi i am a friendly eidolon runner looking to improve my gameplay.

(EDIT: spelling)

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IGN: Sjoon
Mastery Rank: 28
In-game Hours: 985
Country: UK
Languages: England
Previous clan: Royal Destiny
Started playing: since 2016 on and off
Discord ID: Shon#1691
About me: Looking for a clan to do some group activities in a clan. 

I don't have much experience with group activities like eidelon hunts outside of pubs, and I would like to gain some. 

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IGN: -SW-LinCorde
Mastery Rank: 30
In-game Hours:  2248 hours in profile
Country: Russia
Language: Russian, English
Current clan: SaintsWarriors
Started playing:  since September 2018, ~3 years with short breaks.
Discord ID: LinCordbI4#0666
About me:  I like to compete and set goals, but often they are potentially unattainable.  Speedrun including. I am an inquisitive person, therefore I am always open to communication. It's a shame to say goodbye to the old clan, but it's time for me to move on.

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IGN: Loyaal_
Mastery Rank: 30
In-game Hours: 1633
Country: France
Languages: French / English / German
Previous clan: The Remnants of the void
Started playing: December 2019
Discord ID: Loyaal#1295
About me: Hardcore Ingame player, Eidolon lover ! love this game 

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Mastery Rank: 30
In-game Hours: 4500HS Steam - 1500 OffSteam.
Country: Argentina
Languages: Español - English
Previous clan: Grovee.ST - LotusDarkLight.
Started playing: 2014
Discord ID: Łuzzy#6312
About me: 
 Hello, my name is ignacio, iam 22 years old i live in argentina and i really want to participate in a friendly and competitive clan i really want to help and share whit collegues.

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IGN: Afis518
Mastery Rank: 24
In-game Hours: 2k
on Steam - 950 according to ingame profile stats.
Country: America
Languages: English
Previous clan: Reported and Muted
Started playing: 2014-2015 or so
Discord ID: Afis518#7092
About me: 
My name is Austin, looking to move from my pretty inactive clan to a more active one. I also want to find clanmates interested in doing endgame content, farming kuva/steel essence. I love doing eidolons too as VS

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IGN: SoulKing009
Mastery Rank: 28
In-game Hours:  2k+ ingame hours.
Country: Colombia
Languages: English, spanish.
Previous clan: forgot.
Started playing:  Right after closed beta in 2013.
Discord ID: SoulKing009#0918
About me: Hey, I'm Rick and
 im mostly looking for clan that isnt dead like the ones i have joined so far for the last 6 months, i hate when i log into the game to find that im the only one playing in a 100+ clan, and this is specially aggravating when there are events since i dont have anyone to coordinate gameplay, i hope i can find a stable group of players to enjoy warframe with. 

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IGN:  Rasen.
Mastery Rank: 23
In-game Hours: 1100+
Country: Argentina
Languages: Spanish/English
Previous clan: Not Exactly Knights (My own clan (solo))
Started playing: 2019
Discord ID: rasen#1642
About me: Hi, my name is Juan, 21 years old. I like endgame content/build making. Looking for a active/friendly clan.

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