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Stalker Bp Drops


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Since the patch that introduced boss blueprints being rewarded at the end of the mission, I've noticed there is now a bug with the Stalker's blueprints. If I kill a Stalker and he drops a blueprint (the pinkish orb) and I pick it up, I do not:

1. See the BP collected at the bottom of the screen (along with other items I might be picking up)

2. See the BP collected at the end of the mission


The only way I notice that I have picked up a blueprint at the end of the mission is to go to my inventory and look in it. This seems like a bug to me, as the user should be notified in some manner.

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I've also encountered this bug/problem today. Stalker goes down in a hail of kunai, pink blueprint orb pops up into the air, I and teammates collect but no text is displayed as per OP, nor at end of mission. I'm not sure which BP I ended up with since it's been so long since I got a BP from Stalker. It certainly wasn't the BP I am missing (assuming the item actually got placed in my inventory).

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