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Coming Soon: Devstream #151!

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 As always, here are the times for Tenno in other time zones 🌍🌎🌏 

A live version is available on Google Sheets here: https://bit.ly/WarframeStreamTimes

Subscribe to the official Livestream calendar here: https://forums.warframe.com/calendar/3-livestreams

You can link this calendar to your own Gmail calendar to receive reminders - here's how:


1) In your Google Calendar, click the + 'plus' button next to Other Calendars



2) Click the From URL option from the drop-down menu.



3) Copy and paste the following address into the URL of Calendar text box.




4) Once you have pasted the URL, go to Settings and you will be able to set a custom name for the calendar and notifications for the streams.








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omg, so excited to see what Ticker has in store!! She's my favorite character and I think Valentine's Day is a great time, thematically, for her :D and the wings look amaaaazing, I love it!

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