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Coming Soon: Devstream #151!

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Any news on a Valkyr Rework? It's been years since she's seen a boost and she's in a pretty bad place now that you let other classes pick her apart for scraps.

One useful skill, weak ultimate, another skill that is tied to Shields of all things and a first so bad, you gave it to an archwing as punishment for when you took away it's blink.  She's a melee centric tank frame that tanks worse than other frames and a good melee weapon is more versatile than her built in claws that are only used to heal once in a while.

Rework please!

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I'm really looking forward to this stream. Shy is currently uploading videos of the Lotus taking care of horny Tennos, so I can't wait for what she uses this energy type in her next devstream abridged, and given this stream is supposed to be different, I have high expectations.


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>deluxes and reduxes

I am now irrationally anxious that this means we're getting a Zephyr rework, specifically a From The Ground Up ReimaginingTM that leaves the frame a buggy poorly-tuned mess. We haven't had one of those in a while and it's been surprisingly nice.

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Would be realy nice if you're not editing my post without my permission!

So all of the open world mining when will be revisited for proper veins 6 different colour for each individual ore? ( Not magical dots on the tiniest hole where the laser couldn't reach it! )
All fishing should be optimized as well same fish should be in the water already, not magically appearing from thin liquid for the group who is in that mission. Dozen of time when "fish" is under the bottom of texture of lake, pond, sea OR even swims into a rock! )
Railjack still nowhere what was advertised on social media about slowly 2 beautiful years ago.

2 Phantom Eye Augmented reprojection and turret suspensors allows full 360 degree combat engagement.
  • When active, players using the side turret guns will have all visual and turret movement restrictions removed.
  • Does not apply to the forward turrets or the forward artillery.

This one is still not revisited... 134629915_895516274541047_65066147057945

Oh almost forgot to mention...
Would be a really good time to start to fix up a the scripting to the latest engine dear devs!
Best regards!
Wishing all the best and good luck for the fixing!

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hace 12 horas, Orakan dijo:




I am agreed with all of you. In one of te old streams people asked for dance emotes after they have brought katas named nartas to the game and DE Geoff said there won't be any dance moves in warframe but after octavia launched we have seen rhinos, altases etc. with meaningless dance moves which are against the game's desing philosohy and seriousness. Warframe has mature tag in it because there is gore in the game, please don't turn this game in to fortnight.

Ok now here is my question. When will you release the THE NEW WAR quest ? We have passed the release date more than 1 year . Could we please give us a clue about when we will continue to the main story of the game

Hold on. 

You can make Rhino Pink with the tennogen butterfly wings and the wisp noble animation.
Its the goofiest S#&$ possible right now. 

BUT! Every single model in that example looks incredible, and Warframy if you use decent colors
I agree those tennogen wings are a tad bit too much, but its the exact same mesh from Oberon Feyarch and
that skin is basically an Oberon made by a botanist transformed into a... nature cephalon?

So yeah, as long as it looks like it belongs to the universe of Warframe is ok with me.
Easter Bunny Ears ARE NOT Warframe
Halloween Pumpkin Head IS NOT Warframe
and these Angel Wings ARE NOT Warframe
they better be limited to Valentine's Day

Doesnt matter the color, what matters is the model, the design
If its literal from our world, its not Warframe, by definition.

Now the dances, I guess everything a human can do a Warframe can
after all they shoot like we do, use swords like we do, backflip like real humans
dancing is just a movement comanded by the Operator, and Operators have emotions

And this adds to my point: Even Operators have remained as far from reality as possible
guess after Duviri we will know more, if we got horses, hats and whiskey Im out 
but I KNOW DE wont do that. We will have void creatures, ephemeras and kuva.


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so... i really hope you tested those wings regarding visibility when aiming... too many other cosmetics are barely usable due to them covering too much of your fov on some frames.

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13 hours ago, (PSN)Claudija said:

Uhhh you are aware I hope that PoE, Fortuna and Necralisk are nodes, not planets? Extractors search for resources on celestial bodies (as Deimos and Lua are moons; Ceres, Pluto and Eris are dwarf planets) not individual nodes. PoE has an Extractor as last I checked PoE was connected to Cetus which- and this will be revalationary brace yourself; is on Earth. Earth yup... big ol' Momma Earth. You pop the Extractor on Earth and it wanders the planet, gathering resources.

If DE allowed Extractors on PoE, Cambion Drift and Orb Vallis because you are lazy and don't wanna fish- then they'd have to allow Salacia say, Railjack missions; imagine that farm up Tellurium without doing anything at all... 

Loads of problems then, from- Extractors only draw from 4 resources most common: do they expand it and how? To extending the current limit on how many Extractors you can deploy. 

You'd think I would change my mind? Nope. :)

PoE, Orb, and Deimos are conent islands separate from planets' nodes.

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