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The Operations Window Is Too Small


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The "Operations" window requires a scrollbar for me, but is only big enough to show 2 battles at once. There's typically 4 ongoing, would it be so bad to expand it so that 4 are always visible? I kind of like to know how things are going.

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eat my +50's.



plenty of space anyways, why not enough rows to show like 10 engagements?


Digital Extremes apparently hates using more than like 5% of the screen at a time @.@

all those menus that get scrunched because they're only using half the space they should :p

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or may be there all using tiny monitors and believe everyone is using tiny monitors too :P

the UI scales almost identically between 1366x768(lowest officially supported resolution) up to 4k. 

there's a very similar amount of unused space on the low resolutions as there is on astronomically high ones.

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