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Allow Tidal Surge and Vial Rush to change direction

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Hydroid’s Tidal Surge and Lavos’ Vial Rush operate in a similar way; both cause your Warframe to dash forwards rapidly for a short time, both travel in the direction your Warframe is facing, and both cannot change directions while in transit. This inability to turn limits the utility of both of these abilities; in tight and cluttered corridors, it’s easy to get caught on some object and not travel as far as you intended to.

Revenant’s Reave also causes him to dash, but instead of traveling in the direction that Revenant is facing, Reave always travels away from the camera - that is, it always goes where the player is looking. If the player turns the camera while Reave is active, then Reave changes direction to match.

The way that Reave works is much more useful than the way that Tidal Surge and Vial Rush work. The fact that it goes where you are looking makes it easier to get where you want to go. Reave doesn’t need to avoid obstacles, since Revenant is immaterial during Reave, but its ability to turn still makes it much easier to use. Also, all of these abilities have some effect on enemies near your path and are therefore nominally offensive, but Reave’s ability to turn makes it much easier to actually affect enemies with it.

For these reasons, please change both Tidal Surge and Vial Rush to 1) always travel away from the player’s camera, and 2) to turn when the camera turns.

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