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I mean, we need to get more of the story and a resolution to the Lotus arc or at least some movement on it, but Scarlet Spear and Operation Orphix Venom, were, I thought, the first two major battles of "The New War". 

So if you are talking about lore, yes we need a lot more lore. If you are talking about gameplay, I thought The New War was being played out over the course of several month long events that happen on a roughly yearly basis where we have to beat back their latest attempted invasion. And each time they adapt and try something entirely new against us and we have to use new tools. 

In other words, if you are just talking gameplay wise, then if you are on console, you are smack dab in the middle of the new war. 

The Orphix are here trying to take over the origin system. 

Go beat them back. = D 

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It's already here if you've paid attention to how they were talking about it from the beginning. It was never going to be just one quest but a series of additions that technically started with Chimera Prologue.

As for when the next part of the War is you're literally in it with Orphix Venom and it'll likely be a bit until the next addition.

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in terms of the war itself, we're in it; that's why the Orphix are here.

in terms of the cinematic finale where we will finally confront Natah and may or may not get Lotus back.. probably not for another year at least, as DE can't do any Mocap or proper studio recordings until this pesky pandemic goes away and they can return to their office.

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13 hours ago, EdinaMonsoon said:

they ditched the idea of a single cinematic quest in favour of events happening over time

How many f*cking times will we have to repeat this?

We need to put it in the Bingo, but what to take out? The "Return of Founders items" became very rare. Maybe rare enough to remove it from the Bingo?

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