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Post-Devstream Railjack Feedback (Now Closed)


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If you heard on the Devstream, Scott would like as many Railjack thoughts as possible. This temporary Subforum was built out to collect as much constructive content as possible. Post your threads, discussions, videos, all in this handy place! 

4/8/2021 Edit:

We are now retiring this sub-forum now that the Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack is out on PC! All threads and posts from this temporary sub-forum are being merged into the General Feedback category. 

Please direct your Corpus Proxima and Railjack feedback to the dedicated Megathreads: 






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  1. Railjack was simplified a lot but I still think a tutorial to walk new players through basic functions, especially the forge would help with the headless chickens.
  2. The forge "refine" button is an annoyance that once in a while makes a run take 3x the usual time by stripping crafting resources, I'd suggest it be removed and the rewards bumped up a tiny bit - or it should only be usable once there are no objectives left.
  3. Switching between seats could be made a bit more fun by enabling an instant switch between stations/gunner/artillery seats rather than getting out and running around. It would make things a lot more fun for me & would make the action a lot more seamless.
  4. I do miss the difficulty of old railjack a bit, steel path for railjack nodes?

Hope this helps & I just want to say, Railjack is the best gamemode in warframe, no other game delivers a co-operative space gunship piloting experience like warframe!

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Some quick comments from me my clan and others

- Seperate star charts for railjack really feel disconnecting for some of us, any way we could merge them in some way maybe add railjack to the tab with steel path or have a new ring around planets

- Gamemode idea; given alot of us would really like some endless mission types. Defending a Solaris shipment as it moves around an area / [some faction]'s stationary asteroid base.

- Bring back the sentient fighters from Scarlet Spear to make the anomaly feel less like a ghost town

- Skins purchased with premium currancy not functional from within the railjack during missions, looking out the skylight shows the original ship model, this is disheartening.

- Integration; Clan/friends able to request orbital strikes, support nekramech drones(same as deimos ones) or s omething elsefrom fortuna/PoE/Deimos or normal missions to connect the worlds abit more

- Nekramech R2D2(Star Wars reference) slot ontop of the railjack to shoot out of as a 3rd gunner (meme idea by clan)

- More POI's in the space tiles that aren't primary objectives, such as abandoned infested asteroid colonies. additional to this, more hidden weapons, quests and things along the line of the initial reveal of the Erra quest. That moment of that quest being found was very entertaining, more hidden content in warframe as a whole for the community to find could revitalise myself and others to seek things out if it becomes more common.

- Further POI concept; Rarity. I think one of the big allurs to railjack is the possibility of finding something unique, the anomaly at release and such. Possibly derelict railjacks as a super rare find with a ghost feeling (Cy not wanting us to board etc). Another is possible derelict lisets(these have never fully been seen in the game and could be a fun way to introduce them), things that have impactful meaning to the player as its a sign of loss for us. Additionally things such as debris from the scarlet spear event, broken sentient ships and such.

- Asteroid showers, Void storms (which was mentioned during the stream) and other highly impactful envrionmental problems. We are in space yet it sometimes feels very static as there isn't much movement with things, additionally the threat level of the envrionment is next to nothing (some of the jet engines on the mega asteroids dont even damage the ship), some more envrionmental hazard would boost immersion!

- Visual stuff that isn't very important but just something; repairs being more relevant in the drydock. We literally get massive tubes of metal slammed into the side of our railjacks and return with next to no repairs required, possibly just during the instance you return to the dojo in, evident damage and possibly a new arm 'yanking' out the breach pod from the hull of the ship.

- Traffic; the game states in multiple places that there are high amounts of space travel be it resource trucking or the solar rail highways, currently space feels extremely empty and static (as mentioned above), adding some possible grineer non-fighters or POI civilian ships that you must protect for a time till they 'warp' out could also add more fruit to the gamemode's random aspects that give it more life

- Difficulty concept; gunner pod damage. In the back of the ship there are obvious replacemeent "seats" for the side gunners, possibly give these durability which require players to head back and replace them via those stations which currently have no purpose (near the Reliquary Drive)

- Difficulty concept; Projectile Impact. Currently almost all impact from enemy ordanance doesn't move the ship, a new enemy type with a heavy force muniton that could physically knock the railjack would really add to the emerison (animation of pilot struggling to control the ship, or possibly being forced out of the pilot seat, but with obvious cooldowns on this so it isn't a form of stunlock or annoyance for the pilot. Just something to make it feel more like a battle than a flight simulation)

- Further impact based stuff; the breaching pods from the grineer and sentients currently has amazing sound design but feels like nothing happens, as stated above the ship rarely ever feels like its moving past your own input. I would hope to see some proper forceful impact added to the gametype as a whole, hearing the ship groan under impact pressure is good but actually feeling it is much more impactful.

(may add more as people tell them to me)

Finally, alot of railjack commentary has been negative but the baseplate for the gamemode is really fun, playing with friends for the sake of playing has been a highlight of recent months. All we hope for is more incentive, intergation to the main game and open worlds (like orb vallis to space transition) and some QoL. Thanks for continuing to go back to Railjack to improve and make it a core part of the game which it deserves to be.


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Regarding Railjacks in Relays. Please allow them in all Relays but lock the door behind some sort of requirement (like mastery rank or completing the quest). 

While I understand why you would add them from Saturn relay onward, having some relays without this QoL change makes it very clunky for more experienced players whilst providing no benefit for newer players.

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- Have Liches spawn in RJ missions with their own galleons as shown in Tennocon 2019.

- Have air support charges summon your RJ to OV/PoE/CD if built, and allow us to board it in the middle of open world missions. This in turn summons enemy ships for combat and unlocks/adds additional/alternative mission objectives to make the missions more dynamic. Also, if we are on our Railjacks in OV/PoE/CD and there's no active mission, allow us to select star chart missions from the RJ and show an animation of you starting the mission from the RJ instead of the Landing Craft. Yes, this is nothing more than an illusion, but it is an illusion that results in the feeling of everything being connected. 


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Rank 10 of artillery is a bit annoying at times, no need to change it but if we could turn on or off certain intrinsics similar to how we can with focus nodes, it would be great.


I really love the battle avionics but some of them like seeker volley for example, seem a bit weak for high level missions.


Always found it weird that players can finish the rising tide quest without having done chains of harrow, they get to see the man in the wall before releasing rell?

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For starters, moving certain intrinsics out of the system and making them default could be a good way to expand the gameplay rather than limiting it. Forward Artillery being behind the intrinsics removed it from possible mission objectives which IMO was a bad move, we need more variety of objectives that completely change the mission flow and not less.


The lack of "mission types" severely damaged how players view RJ and perhaps even mislead some previous changes, we need more than a glorified exterminate with minor side goals. Yes that's still a big endeavour but a needed one.

Rather than completely making the RJ missions devoid of enemies (kill XX and they no longer spawn), better spawn logic to enemies not linked to objectives and specific mechanics could help creating more variety, for example allow players to hack a dock in the enemy base/ship to allow the RJ to dock and stay safe inside. Players already "hide" the RJ to avoid boarding parties, making this a feature could expand the gameplay in other directions and allow the mission to be less dependent on "exterminate mechanics" and avoid the missions feeling empty before being fully complete.


Archwing sadly has no proper place in RJ, no role other than mobility (or when certain weapons or debuffs break the mission). AW improvements would be welcome to give it a better (optional) role. Let it be a tiny fighter plane for the 4th player so they don't have to wait for the non exterminate objectives. Better controls would be welcome too, or optional schemes like 6dof that are better at chasing enemies than the current flight model (which IMO is terrible for RJ).


One thing I never liked in RJ is how the enemy fighter movement doesn't feel natural, it feels scripted which makes fighting them feel "unfun" at times. It's particularly bad when you chase an enemy using your AW (which is bad enough with the current flight model being completely unfit for dogfighting) and the unnatural movement makes the experience frustrating and unfun.


IMO it would be fine to have certain RJ "Mission types" to be less focused on the RJ itself, provided there's enough variety.


I'm not going into specific changes to the gameplay because my main grip is lack of mission variety, and certain changes could harm potential mission types rather than improving the game mode as a whole.



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The Railjack feels too agile vs enemy fighters, it feels too easy to chase and track them with the nose guns. It feels less like a ship and more like an overgrown fighter with little need for the turrets to cover your flanks. It's also far too easy to turn every space combat into a two-button press affair with Tether and Munitions Vortex wildly outperforming any other combo of avionics for the their energy cost. It feels like I'm being punished for using any other combo of powers.

These things combine to leave me feeling like anything other than the big cannon for engine snipes on Crewships and the nose guns fired into Munitions Vortex are just completely superfluous features.

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Allrighty then

As for railjack i kinda used it a lot recently so i have a couple of ideas

1 - having a way to either gather more easely ressources roaming around or see them better

    1a. A larger passive vacuum 

    1b. An giant vacuum ability with a cool down

    1c. The ability to highlight resources floating around because they can be hard to see

2 - Everything command intrinsic ^.^ 

3- The ability to make a queue of task in the forge ( linked to the proper intrinsic)

4- Just shooting nechramech as projectile ... drop the mic.


Btw you guys rock. We can feel that Scott really wanted our feedback. 

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Making an event a gamemode is a bad idea, not only was orphix venom a pretty bad event, but this is not fair to the other events, what about the corpus proxy event, or scarlet spear, why do those get left behind?

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  1. A Tutorial mission for new players.
  2. Permission system. Set permissions in your ship for Flux, Side Guns, Artillery, Pilot Seat, and forge. Railjack is currently too easy to be griefed. The permission tier can be anyone -> clan mates -> friends -> yourself only
  3. Mission vote system. Stop randoms from hijacking the Railjack into another mission.
  4. The nav console should only be used by the railjack owner.
  5. Solo Extraction option after mission is completed.

Intrinsic feedback :

  1. Rework Gunnery 10. A split second snap only annoy people. Would be better if it’s a long duration target lock or a 360 degree view in the artillery controls
  2. Engineering 10 remote repair shouldn’t cost double revolite and not lock the player on the mini map because leaving the mini map  aborts the process.


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I'd like to see more a more versatile railjack, like the one on the devstreams in which you could direct power to different avionics and/or weapons/engine/shield during missions

Eventually, a tenno could build some preset configuration and change between them on the go from pilot view and/or tactical view (without having to manually change them)

For example I can have a combat preset for fighting, a cloak preset when i'm boarding ship or installations, and a cruise preset used for mining.


Moreover, one great addition would be a railjack openworld in which you have to explore a uncharted space. In this area you can do several activities with the railjack like boarding forgotten installation in search of treasure, corsair like mission against greener/corpus, escort missions... All activities are randomly generated and each monday the whole map is rebooted, so you have to explore it anew and can play again all missions

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I'd like to be able, from my orbiter's navigation, switch to the railjack map, select a mission, get a flying through space loading screen that shows my railjack instead, and be put into the mission on my railjack's bridge.  No having to go to dojo first, or load into the railjack separately first.

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Railjack requests:

  • Take main ship combat avionics off of the side guns and either move some of them to the side guns only or make new ones for them.  Rebalance these as needed.  Preferably, give the side gun avionics a cooldown instead of energy usage so that players on the sideguns can't just blast all your flux off into space.  The main reason I solo RJ right now is because a LOT of pubs on Xbox will show up and blast off all your ordinance and flux into the black of space, not make more and then sit AFK somewhere.  Give them their own abilities (so that they stop launching off my Particle Ram, early detonating my Void Hole, etc.) with either different energy bars or just cooldowns.  Rebalance the cost of avionics so that they can actually fit into a build with a current reactor.  Whatever you do, something needs to be done about pubs and players that just don't know any better from being able to screw up your abilities, timing, flux etc, by spamming all the stuff the Pilot was planning on using.  Warframes in a squad don't share an energy pool because it would be infuriating and wouldn't function.  It's still infuriating and doesn't function when it's shared on the RJ.
  • Mission voting.  Seriously.  No one, with the exception of who's RJ it is should be able to just pull the ship wherever they want.  Mission voting, with captain veto power, and the captain having the ability to pull the ship to a drydock without a vote.  If I leave it on pub, no one should be able to pull me out of the mission I just finished if I plan on farming for resources.  
  • At the very least, Engineering 10 should give you remote forge access via the Tactical Map.  I see no reason a state of the art Orokin warship should have 4 manual forges, especially considering the number of unused terminals that are present.  I get that it was probably done so that the whole crew could each use a forge simultaneously, but the negatives and tedium outweigh the benefits here, considering a lot of players don't actively monitor the forges/consumables.  That central station at the top of Engineering right across from the ship exit should give you access to all 4, with Engineering 10 giving you tac map access.
  • Center the ship layout on the tac map and then pin it so that it doesn't move.  Not being able to access all the teleport points on the map just because you're in the wrong part of the ship is a design oversight.  
  • Please, please, please if you're not going to give us remote access to the forges, or even if you are:  Properly stow that damn crate sitting in the middle of the aisle down in engineering.  The engineering section should not look like Scott's garage.  That box needs to be put away so that it's not in the way.  I can't believe Cephalon Cy would allow it to sit improperly stored for this long.
  • More and more frequent optional POI's.  I have a whole slew of thoughts on general mission mechanics that would see the end of the exterminate mission type and have it just be an optional objective in all modes, but having every single mission be "kill this many enemies" then "kill this many crewships" takes away from the fun that could be had from the Objective and Optional Objective POI's, as well as increases farm time/grind when the missions are already fairly involved.  Combine that with a lackluster reward table and you end up running a 20 minute mission for the same level of rewards as a 3 minute mission.  By all means, make the missions longer and more involved.  Swap more of the mission parameters over to being optional and then make the reward tables match that.  
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Okay, that's a very simple thing: Tactical avionics are either not good enough or require too high capacity for what they do. I think the capacity cost should be reduced drastically since their effects are neat but ultimately minor tricks. If you have to choose between wiping out an entire fighter squadron (Tether), more hard stats (armor, hp, turret crit etc.) or if you can extinguish a fire every five minutes (tactical) it might highlight the power level tactics are at currently in comparison. I'm fine with what tactics do, they just have a problem with the enviroment they are in in their current state.

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Maybe this will already be a feature in the future.. but I've seen a lot of people complain about other crew members on the side turrets doing unnecessary ability use. This goes from just spaming abilities to waste energy, shooting off particle ram or detonating abilities too early mid air so they do no dmg. Could you just disable ability use from side turrets completely ? Rockets are fine tho.. but you wouldn't want the people on the back seats in your car messing with your radio too, I guess ? ;)

It would be nice, to have different loadouts for Railjack. Right now it feels like, there is only one right way to mod it into an indestructable Battlefortress and wreak havoc anyways. But back in the days of me obtaining the first Archwing related Avionics, I was like : wouldn't it be nice to build me a nice Archwing- carrier and support them? Increasing the range of the mods to 1.000m was nice, but it still feels like it's not enough. I'd like to see more Avionics, that support Archwings and maybe one day make my dream come true.. or at least get a bit closer :P

Even if this would be very far fetched, I would love to see the implementation of a real Archwing-dock inside the Railjack. This would give a whole new approach for modular Archwings, which you would be able to assemble or rebuild during the mission itself. You could just switch between pre existing ones, like the Archwings we have right now or build a new one in the fashion that would be most beneficial for the mission you're in right now.. and maybe save them for use in later missions ?

To me, starting the game back in 2015, Archwing has always felt like a little nice distraction. But it always belonged to the game, making it special and unique! So if you say, that you want to implement Necramech use in Railjack.. what about Archwings then ?! They should clearly be more useful, than just to travel the 10m from the ship to get into the designated objective.

Some other QOL change would be fixation of the tactical map.. it's very annoying if you want to port to the pilot seat but can't, since the teleport point for it is hidden behind the ressources..

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Only the host should be able to launch a mission.  Don't let others hijack the railjack (force-launching the squad into another mission).

Let squad members freely extract at any time after a mission's objective are met, in case they don't want to do another mission or stick around for looting.

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Id say at minimum if you could deliver what was shown at tennocon 2018(Venus Proxima and Corpus Capital Ship) and 2019 (Lich coming hunting you) regarding RJ it would be already great.

Tactical Map for Railjack not moving.

A more smooth curve for intrinsics upgrade, doubling each time is too much even more so when the Command intrinsic is coming. 

I dont have suggestions in mind, I guess capturing grineer bases etc could turn into a temporary tenno base where you can access a RJ console as well a foundry.

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Happy it's gone:

  • Multiple hull breach madness

Would like to see more of:

  • "status effects" on board the railjack, such as frozen doors. A practical hindrance that is not "catastrophic failure" inducing.


Thanks for your work DE 💖

(EDIT) Some ideas for "on board RJ status effects":

  • Damaged artificial gravity generator (too heavy, too light, upside down).
  • Damaged life support equipment (heavy fog).
  • Electrical surge (no lights or heavy darkness).
  • Damaged Reliquiary Drive (void phenomenon, magnetic anomaly, hearing voices).

Also thinking about "non-combat" hazards in space. Solar flares, blackholes, gravity wells, magnetic currents. I was thinking of dense asteroid fields in two different ways: "highspeed" asteroid fields where moving rocks could damage the ship or change our course (Fallguys style), and "standing" asteroid fields where it is safe to move between the huge debris but radar does not work and you need to move with stealth to avoid detection.

I know my ideas are outlandish, but I wanted to share.

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Added potential ideas
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