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Post-Devstream Railjack Feedback (Now Closed)

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For now I'll post this: 

Alright that's a long read but I think it's worth it, I'll try to summarize, but you'll be losing out on a decent bit of the specifics:

  1. ARCHWINGS: There's feedback for archwings and their abilities; They should be changed and you can utilize some of the battle avionics and WF abilities to change themI already feel iffy on Volt shield style defense on a mobile frame like Garuda, but while it doesn't feel great in space the damage bonus may be a sufficient trade off.


    1. "Arch line" was a band-aid of an ability and should be replaced; it barely works on Valkyr, so I can only ask...why?
      • There are a handful of stealth frames with 1st abilities that would have been better to emulate like Wukong or Loki with decoys. Not to mention wisp style decoy + transport.
    2. Being able to move while invis would greatly increase itzal's viability in Empyrean with the changes to blink.
    3. Cosmic Crush isn't bad, but possibly upgrade the ability to be more like a vauban vortex for a duration. Drones need to have a more effective role; it doesn't make sense that they don't attack while Itzal is invis, nor that they don't follow during blink.
      • Moving the drones to the first ability and adding an EMP to the 4th may be an easier route. The drones could grant evasion/movement speed per active drone.


    1. I already feel iffy on Volt shield style defense on a mobile frame like Garuda, but while it doesn't feel great in space the damage bonus may be a sufficient trade off.
      1. Include ability to damage as per Particle Ram?
    2. With an "Incoming projectile" warning this may be more useful but even so, it's hard to tell when it's worth using.
    3. We'll see after damage updates and the like.
    4. Repel feels terrible except on defense missions, might be better for this to be an outright Stasis field at least for enemy projectiles if not like Limbo Cataclysm with a rework on the second ability.


    1. This is like a obsolete version of Munitions Vortex( MV) now and can be improved to be a lesser scaling version of MV.
    2. This seems way too similar to Odonata's ability. I dream of Elytron having a Charge/Drill style attack that causes enemies to detonate, but fusing Tether and Trinity's Link would likely be a better solution than this ability giving Elytron the ability to trap enemies into its AOE.
    3. With the other two abilities updated this would just need a damage update and more consistency like damaging enemies overtime while within the radius (Random abilities feel terrible as a player).
    4. This just feels very awkward to use in open world, consider giving Elytron a forward artillery style ability that gives players more control and accuracy.


  2. DIRAC: Dirac quickly becomes irrelevant
    • Dirac shouldn't be an end of mission reward because the components and avionics you could get instead...melt into dirac...
  3. AVIONICS: Elemental reduction damage mods are the same as the base game because players can't tell what damage enemies do, general DR is always better
    • Shield capacity is still terrible because shield gating doesn't scale with capacity it only checks the percentage of shield charged
    • Winged mods could use a visible effect radius
  4. RAILJACK COMPONENTS: Feel like vertical progression so there's a straightforward "Best in slot" and due to the nature it feels like 90% of the components are just invalidated as people rush for MK3 gear and specific ones at that. Ordinance could use more variety.

    Each house could have set bonuses as well as specific random, re-rollable stats (to prevent all progression being tied to avionics and allow for potential flexibility). Set bonuses could just increase the value in the re-rollable stats when players use parts from the same house or be more specific to the house (I.e: Zetki grants an increasing chance to automatically put out fires/breaches)

    • Lavan Stats: Cloak & Archwing play. I.e:
      • Lavan Shield A: +X% ARCHWING HP/ARMOR/DAMAGE
      • Lavan Shield C: +Z% Cloak duration, range (so it can affect more than the ship), cooldown reduction
      • Lavan Shield D: +X% AW Damage, +Y% AW Blink CDR, +Z% Cloak Range
    • Vidar: Shields & Enemy Debuffs
    • Zetki: Railjack stability & Damage (including turrets)


  5. MK3 Modifiers: In essence a lot of them aren't great and need improvement
  6. TACTICAL INTRINSIC: It feels like a suppliment not like a role; Intrinsics could have more steps so tactical can have more additions. Ensure your intrinsics can still have value REGARDLESS OF RAILJACK EQUIPMENT. For example: 
    • Gives tactical an individualized menu. A players tactics and capabilities shouldn't rely  on the railjack they're on, so let them equip a set of tactical mods that can turn the tide if needed)
    • Add charges to tactical abilities (Makes CDR increases more potent)
    • Additional Archwing blink charges/range/cdr
    • Adds a charged Archwing blink: essentialy mini-archwing launcher style thus affording more tactical avenues
    • Regenerating flux for the railjack
    • Launching onto a crewship or opening the tactical menu grants a few seconds of invisibility
  7. "GUNNER"/BOARDER INTRINSIC: The gunner isn't in control of the ship meaning they're just kind of existing while everything dies outside, so this tree can add to things that also help "Boarders" since frankly speaking going out in archwing makes for a better gunner than sitting in the seat. Equally a gunner's capabilities are so tied to the MK1 guns I put on my side guns to keep them off of it that it hurts. So ideas for expansion/improvement:
    • Killing an enemy with the Archwing Launcher (or charged blink) allows players to launch again X more times
    • Ability to Arch Launch from the gunner seat via secondary fire (suddenly gunners are real they can just yeet onto a crew ship or at an enemy and comeback when they feel)
    • Adds a minor version of turret based avionics (like Death Blossom) that can be used (Honestly gunners could have their own avionics options like tactical, so they can use their desired buffs regardless of railjack)
    • Improvements to the Forward Artillery Range/Damage/Charge Speed/Crit/etc.
    • Enemies damaged by gunners are temporarily marked causing them to explode on death (YO I SUGGESTED MFD before MFD pog)
    • First shot on an enemy applies a slow around them for a short duration
    • Guns get bonus punch-through/flightspeed/multishot
    • Launching onto a crewship grants bonus movement speed and damage
    • Critical kills with turrets and/or Archguns cause seeker shots to launch from the target


  8. PILOT INTRINSIC: Pilot currently is at "the center of the intrinsic universe" able to make use of most of the trees better than the roles intended to use them anyway here are some cool pilot things that could be added:
    • Boosting triggers a minor Fiery Phoenix effect
    • Allows use of the tactical menu from the pilot seat
    • Increases effect range of battle avionics
    • Once per mission, allows the pilot to revive the ship from catastrophic failure (ohey bug turned feature :D)
    • Raljack Blink (possibly tactical, but it could be player choice because some would rather have ramming speed)
    • Engine capacity/recharge speed (doesn't matter whaat ship you're on you just make that bad boy zoom)
    • Ending a Drift Maneuver releases an electrical pulse or Cold Snap (as per Itzal)
    • When shields are depleted enemies around the Railjack are debuffed (with a cooldown like a passive tactical avionic)
    • Rammed enemies take damage over time
    • Holding the Omni causes the Railjack to boost to the player's position (with a cooldown?)
    • Allows Critical Boosting: Pilot can boost even with the meter depleted. The boost is set to a static but high multiplier (so even if the ship has a weak engine you pull it to mach 5) but this maneuver deals damage to the railjack while it persists 
    • Adds Evolving Ram: Particle Rams progressively cover more of the ship
    • Improved Railjack/Archwing Blink Range
    • Conveys Railjack intrinsic bonuses to archwing (or Necramech buffs): Like improved boost and maybe even an archwing particle ram that could multiply with Elytron
  9. ENGINEER INTRINSIC: A necessity but honestly some of the intrinsics are lacking
    • Access to rare resources when refining
    • Higher storage capacity for loot
    • Fixing a [problem] has a chance to fix another [problem] (in range?)
    • Unlocks dry dock console on ship (Could upgrade to allow a remote forge placement)
    • Chain Repair: Succesfully fixing [problem] makes the next [problem] easier to repair. Can be separated for each problem type, so you get an unlike for fires progressively getting easier to maintain through the mission, one for breaches, etc.
    • Increased Revolite Capacity/Add Revolite Regeneration
    • Battle Roombas/Turrets
  10. INSTRINSIC MISSION SPECIALTIES: This could help bring dynamic rewards/variation to Railjack (and also the base game); The list isn't exaustive and there are many combinations but hopefully the idea carries:
    • Having wreckage that requires certain engineer intrinsics to repair
    • Having a bombed cargo ship that engineers or pilots (of certain intrinsic) need to disarm or need to steer away respectively
    • Allowing high rank gunners to take over ship killer platforms (or something similar)
    • Having old railjack or faction ships (escort drones in normal tilesets) drift in that only certain level pilots or tacticals can take over to lead to an extraction site (this challenge could for example award skins)
    • Vaults or Laser grids that require certain tactical ranks to open or bypass
  11. INTRINSIC INTEGRATIONS: This applies to how railjack intriniscs can affect base gameplay:
    • For example: Tactical intrinsics progressively making hacking less intrusive to the point of say automatically hacking just by interacting (not even auto breach levels of waiting), reducing cooldown of say Air Support/Archguns. Adding Parazon Slots, Mod Capacity, or simply giving players a limited tactical menu in game.
  12. RAILJACK FRAMES: This is a little extra (so not likley to be worth the time) but I'd like to  potentially see more customization as I really can't stand people on my side guns and would prefer any bonus instead of having them lol
  13. ASIDE:  Some extra stuff
    • Timed pet abilities (I.e: Dig/Charm) should occur regardless of the player's state, so long as they're alive. When you're piloting the ship or being Titania it feels terrible to have a pet, may as well have a "petper" weight.
    • Railjack resources should be removed from other drop tables once players get their Railjack?


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I definitely would love to see Railjack more integrated with everything else. My main concern is just that the on-foot components of Railjack missions currently seem to be incredibly buggy, and so I hope that you'll polish that up.

So basically, I want to see Railjack and Orbiter be the core components that are always there. No matter whether you're in a relay, visiting Cetus, doing a Sabotage mission, hanging out in your orbiter, hanging out in your dojo — the Railjack and Orbiter are both the core that is always there. Let me explain.

Let's say you've just logged in and you're in your Orbiter. Your Orbiter is connected to your Railjack, and you can just walk back and forth between the two with no loading screens. If you're in somebody else's squad, your Orbiter is connected to their Railjack, but again, you just walk back and forth between the two.

Now let's say you want to visit Cetus. Using the navigation screen in your Railjack, you select Cetus, and the Railjack flies there (doing the "Railjack loading screen" thing). But at this point you're still in your Railjack. You need to move to your Railjack door and press the Interact button, at which point you instantly teleport/beam down to Cetus, or some cool landing craft cutscene plays, whatever. So now you're walking around Cetus just like normal — but your Railjack and Orbiter are still loaded, up in the sky. At any point in time, you can go to the landing point of Cetus, and beam up / fly up in the landing craft, to go back to your Railjack and Orbiter without a loading screen.

The same is true if you're in a relay, or at your dojo. Your Railjack and Orbiter are always there, loaded, docked at the appropriate location.

Not only would this just make it feel more integrated, like you're actually flying around between locations seamlessly, but it would have some extra benefits too:

  1. For one, you'd have access to your navigation menu no matter where you are. Some hub locations, like Maroo's Bazaar, Iron Wake, Cetus, Fortuna, or Necralisk, do not have any navigation menu, and so you currently need to leave the hub entirely if you want to navigate anywhere else. Not only is this a hassle, but it also forces you to leave your squad too!
  2. You'd also have access to your Foundry, Arsenal, etc. no matter where you are, as your Orbiter would be connected and accessible as well.

Now let's say you want to do a mission. Let's say a Sabotage mission, but it doesn't really matter what type it is. Again, using the Railjack navigation menu, you select the mission node. Again, the Railjack flies there, doing the normal Railjack loading thing. Again, at this point, you're still in your Railjack. You move to the Railjack door and press the Interact button. At this point, we'd either get to fly manually to the enemy ship using our archwings like we do in Railjack missions, or you could just play a cool cutscene of us breaking into the ship. For implementation simplicity, the latter would probably be better. We already have the opening cutscenes in missions, where we break in through a vent or something, so maybe just flesh that out a bit more and you're done. After completing the objective and sabotaging the enemy ship, you have to escape, exiting via the extraction point to return to your Railjack.

Everything seamless, no jarring loading screens, and the Railjack and Orbiter always available no matter where you are.

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I not naturally inclined to team.  I prefer to solo.  However, I have *never* offered my Railjack to public teams, for the following reasons:

- Random players can use the navigation computer, forcing everyone else back to the dojo when the rest of the team wants to keep going (or the reverse, starting another mission when everyone else just wants to end without having to Abort.)

- The Forge.  Basically all of it, but especially the absurd system for "refining" resources, and consumables using *the same* pool of resources that I want to take back to make permanent upgrades.  The only game I've ever played with anything similar is Deep Rock Galactic, where you have to spend a resource earned during missions to call in a supply drop that provides an ammo refill.  The difference is that in that game, the Supply Drop uses a unique resource, separate from the ones used for crafting.  If someone is a greedy jerk and summons two Supply drops at once, it just means the ammo refill is in a less than ideal place.  It's not costing me progress towards crafting a weapon or anything else, because the resource is *only* used for calling resupply (and resets after every mission.)  What makes the system in Railjack even worse is that someone can be a selfish jerk *and* deliberately get everyone killed, by Refining when the ship is on fire and the supply of repair gel is almost (or completely) used up.

- Related is the ability for the side gunners to fire Railjack powers whenever they feel like it, triggering the cooldowns on some powers and costing resources for all of them.  As above, I don't feel it's a fun design that random griefers can leave the ship defenseless by using up all the Flux and then Refining just for the lulz.  The fact that it's even possible is an issue, even if it doesn't happen often.

- Inability for the Railjack owner (IE mission host) to boot someone from the pilot or gunner seats.  I've talked to someone who claims they eventually had to abort missions (and lose all progress on it) several times because some random jerk jumped into the pilot seat, flew to the edge of the map, and refused to do anything except fly *away* from all enemies and the mission objective.  I know DE doesn't want players to have the power to votekick each other from missions (and there are a number of good reasons for that.)  But at the same time, it shouldn't be possible for other players to try to *take me hostage* onboard my own ship.

- The damage system is a complete hot mess.  Archwing weapons convert to Railjack damage, but I have no idea HOW that works.  Or if it even *does* work, in the case of weapons that have combined elements for ground combat / legacy Archwing combat.  I've seen conflicting reports that the system just completely fails to deal with combined elements, or that it works fine but the damage scales weirdly, or a number of other things.  Railjack has a completely different damage system that doesn't appear anywhere else, works completely differently, and has no real explanation in-game.

- And on that note, Archwings in general are just a mess in Railjack.  Everyone uses Amesha because that's the only one that doesn't *die instantly* against higher level enemies.  The last time I attempted to use it archwing melee was completely broken, lacking the ability to lock onto enemies (and the range to hit them without locking on.)  Weapons were changed from "mostly hitscan" to "extremely slow projectiles," even the sniper rifle.  Given the relatively small size and high speed of Railjack enemies, this meant that ranged weapons were barely able to hit a target at better than melee range, and some enemies at least *felt* like they actually moved faster than the bullets.  This stacked with the bizarre damage system and broken melee.  Basically, Amesha was the best Archwing because it's the only one that worked *at all.*

It's possible some of these things have been addressed.  Between the lack of support for solo play and just the fact that Railjack was NOT FUN for me at any level, I have done everything possible to avoid even starting Railjack missions for months.  Right now, I have no desire to play Railjack at all, let alone to put up with the trolling and griefing made possible by the systems as they existed the last time I tried playing it.

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Remove the railjack's interior doors.  Or just leave them permanently open.

Ive been on many laggy squad missions, where I approach the door and wait while it takes multiple seconds to open.  The only purpose they seem to serve is the extremely rare frozen over effect, and I think losing that is a fair trade for this QOL improvement.

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Galleons/Obelisks need to be an interactive part of engagements. The most exciting thing about Railjack was taking on what amounts to an entire tileset in head-on combat. As is Crewships feel like tutorials for what fighting a capital ship should be like: damaging different parts of the ship, disabling weapons, using the artillery cannon to deal big damage, etc

Somewhat related, it feels like shooting a crewship/galleon should deal some damage to the crew inside. It feels odd and disjointed to be pelting a ship with indiscriminate fire while no one inside appears any worse for wear

Enabling certain Intrinsic abilities by default (such as the artillery cannon, AW launcher, or teleport) could allow mission designers to build around having to artillery strike a weakpoint or catapult yourself through a shield

Additionally, the mode desperately needs its visuals to work properly. The skybox is always breaking, crates float in galleons, cats turn big, etc

It would also pain me dearly to have go back to farming Intrinsics again after having already maxed them out. Whatever rework you have planned for the Intrinsic system, don't increase the Intrinsic grind. 5,115 is enough. You'll just drive people away who already put it off and take away the feeling of completion people like me already have

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I mentioned this in a recent twitch stream but I think it will be best to post here as well. I am hoping there will be a easier way to get the spectra vandal. I don't mind doing railjack missions (and I am excited to try them with the npc crew) but trying to farm that weapon is more of a pain to do than it's worth. If there is a way to be able to get the parts easier (or in a different mission altogether) I would like that. This weapon will forever elude me because I do not have the patience to farm it with the very low chance for the orokin derelict to be in the mission. I have to run railjack solo so running Ruse War Field is hard enough to do solo but to run it and not get the right spawn is not worth the frustration, even though I accepted that I will never have full completion of my arsenal again if I can't get that weapon. So if you can look into that and see what you can do I would really appreciate it.

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1. tasks that build on each other. 
Railjack is so far just a back and forth in a large space with several small and large enemy ships. All tasks are disconnected from each other. You always have to kill a number of enemies and you have a few tasks on the side. 
As the problem says, the tasks must build on each other, in the following some examples:
To get into the main base (mini-boss fight) you first have to hack certain codes from the other bases, or destroy something like shield generators. 
Also an idea would be pure stealth missions, where you have to take over an enemy spaceship and infiltrate the bases. The railjack captain would then do something like turn off cameras or open doors. The Railjack would be permanently in an invisible void mode, meaning weapon use is impossible. If the stealth mission fails, it changes to an extermination mission.

2. surprises (like the voidstorm)
It could freshen up the relatively monotonous gameplay.
In the game this solution already exists in another way, during capture mission a switch to extermination missions is possible. This mission switch should be added here as well. Either like the soon to be implemented void storm, or the emergence of other factions. If a planet is occupied by other factions, this should also be noticeable in the orbit of the planet. For example:
The Corpus occupy a Grineer planet, some Railjack missions would become Crossfire missions because of this. The player then has three choices, the first is to help the Grinner, the second is to help the Corpus or be neutral and sabotage both.

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Perhaps a Docking Station central to the Proximas for easy squading along with less relics in Railjack. It'd feel more rewarding for resources as Railjack contributes not only to wreckage restoration but also the Helminth. On top of that, a slight increase in Intrinsic gains as we are getting the fifth wheel of that. Just my two cents of course.

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We need Tenno Fighter ships as an alternative to archwing.


This way we can still use some of the progress we have done for our railjack(for example railjack weapons) and apply it in our personal fighter even if the railjack being used for the mission is not our own, and be able to use it as an alternative to the boring archwing.
Essentially it would kinda work like a mini railjack with its own abilities and avionics(cold share several avionics with railjack), but it would move very differently, moving and fighting like a fighter should.
We could also have fighter only missions, or mission objectives that require a fighter, for example to pick up rescue targets, or to go somewere a railjack cant go, etc.
just make it it is worth using over archwing but not over a railjack.


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It occurs to me that, passive abilities aside, there is a lack of choice concerning the Engines for Railjacks.

As it stands, the three options are:

1.  Zetki. The middle of the road engines in terms of speed a boost multiplier. Here, middle of the road just means worst. While not the slowest at normal speed, they are the slowest while boosting.

2. Lavan. The highest boost multiplier type.  They are the slowest at normal speed, but while they are the fastest while boosting, with the recent changes to the boost gauge, they barely get to move at that higher top speed.

3. Vidar. The highest top speed. 98% of space combat is spent at normal speed, and though the boost multiplier is low, a high number with a small multiplier is typically larger than a small number with a high multiplier. If all three engine types were raced against each other, these would win every time.


Thus, I suggest adding two new stats to all engines: Boost Efficiency and Boost Recharge.

Since the Lavan Engine is the best at boosting, they would have the highest Efficiency and Recharge. They would be able to boost more often and for longer periods, but speed while not boosting should suffer in return.

Vidar being the highest base speed, would have the lowest Efficiency and Recharge. They'd only be able to boost sparingly and for only short periods.

Zetki would, for all intents and purposes, would remain unchanged.


Ideally this would make it less about which engine is faster (they'd all get to the same point at the same time) and only change the method by which each engine reaches the finish line.

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On 2021-01-29 at 3:57 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

If you heard on the Devstream, Scott would like as many Railjack thoughts as possible. This temporary Subforum was built out to collect as much constructive content as possible. Post your threads, discussions, videos, all in this handy place! 

Back when Railjack was first revealed, the "Command" option was supposed to allow us a crew from our Syndicates and Converted Liches. The last Devstream of 2020, showed a different mechanic. One which allows us to "hire" members and arm them with our weapons. 

I hope we're still getting our Syndicate/ Lich crew, because I have a Lich army.

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Thanks :D

In terms of Railjack:

  • There needs to be a way were Archwing and Railjack are merged, with that i mean that we don't have Archwing only missions, but missions were using archwing over the big ship is heavily advised.
  • Maybe some railjack bosses could happen, like a space monster comes from a worm hole and starts attacking everything around it or some sentient being starts shooting, like some weird sentient bird or serpent etc... . And the type of damage and how those bosses behave can change weekly, like one boss shoots electric saliva and the next week same creature would rush at you being embeded by fire or stuff like that. (in an attempt to make these bosses "refreshable")

  • In topic of bosses ... maybe a boss battle with Nef Anyo could be added (actually ... can the boss battles be revisited and integrated with railjack? or is it too much and it isn't actually needed?).

  • We should be able to recruit people, not only from Ticker, but from other NPCs like the bosses of the syndicates, and each syndicate has a speciality or something they excel over other syndicates.

  • Maybe warframes could also have specialities on what they can do on the railjack, Like the railjack could get a bonus if it is driven by a rhino or do more damage if it is being used by a volt.

  • Something that i would like (more for solo players but it could be a good adition to the teamplay also), we could have something like a shield for the railjack that could protect the ship from ramsleds, if you pop the shield at the right time the ramsled goes kablam.

IDK if i will come up with more stuff, but these are my proposals.

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Mostly UI HUD elements for pilot, artillery, gunner

  1. Waypoint in-space items from pilot, artillery or gunner. Want to be able to command minions or suggest players focus on a next target?
  2. A HUD element for yaw direction (example: sunwards, or north…). These are the top bearing (also bottom compass) on the below examples. Want to be able to have some idea of which direction we a flying. The only tell now is the skybox sun, but it is not always present.
  3. On the current (horizontal) HUD element for pitch / roll, a V or W, between the bars, or tails on the ends so one can tell when upside down. Can now get upside down, and only notice because you see the undersides of all the enemies. Make enemies not respect this plane?
  4. Radar / enemy locations space minimap. Pilot turning the ship to find enemies is very disruptive to gunner / arty.
  5. Space buildings / rocks map. Improve the space-bulldozer trit farm experience. Should not need to touch park my spaceship to get out of a tight spot…
  6. Numeric readouts for speed, pitch, roll, yaw. I want to know how fast my spaceship is going. And where.
  7. Direction & motion indicators that the gunners can always see. One arrow for direction, another for motion.





  1. Option to disable automatic banking/rolling.
  2. An in-railjack nav map where the locations are always clickable. They currently can be hidden when in the extreme front or back of ship & hotkeys for these locations.


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Let me preface this by saying that I like railjack. I do a railjack mission as my first daily mission each day (great for credits), I've maxed my intrinsics and gear and I'm writing this from the perspective of a solo player.

Some things I'd like fixed:

  1. Show the actual credits reward in the end of mission screen
  2. Since around the time Steel Path was launched, railjacks seem to be taking damage differently. I get a hull breach pretty much immediately when a crewship shoots me. If I fix it I'll simply get another as soon as I'm hit again. This raises two issues: first if I leave the hull breach I won't get another and I'm only down around 1k health (which is fine but ultimately a pointless mechanic) and secondly, if I were inclined to, I could easily exploit this for affinity. Just to clarify, my intrinsics are maxed and I play solo so there's no exploit here for me. I have a video of a full run where you can see this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_GyxDWx8T8&ab_channel=NadeemH- it's a long video, there's the normal ruse war field mission including it's PoI, a sentient anomaly and a derelict tower but it shows how a mission needs to be run when solo and some of the issues involved.
  3. There seems to be some kind of invisible box behind crewships that prevents projectiles from hitting side engines if fired from a particular angle - this can sometimes waste a dome charge and considering we can only hold five at a time this can be a real pain
  4. Tycho homing missiles have a tendency to miss when fired during the brief Reflex Aim window - or maybe I'm just doing it wrong 
  5. Hitting the edge of the map seems to permanently slow down the railjack's speed - although this may only be perceptual in that there are no artefacts around to indicate how fast I'm moving - regardless it feels uncomfortably slow.
  6. Archwing blink is permanently disabled if you press forward and/or sprint whilst under the effect of the slingshot
  7. If you are next to a derelict tower that you can enter and you try to slingshot into it things go wrong. I only tried it once and learnt not to do it again but I think I went straight through the tower and either came out the other side or ended up clipped into a wall.
  8. Not really a bug, but a bit of an annoyance: what's the point of a derelict tower if there's no console in there, i.e. why bother with it if there's no chance for the additional "cache" reward? To take this further, a couple of fresnels from a derelict console is a little disappointing. I don't think I even need fresnels for anything...
  9. Also not a bug but probably more of an oversight: what is the point of wreckage when you have already built the best equipment you can? All it means for me is having to click literally 30 times every few days to select all the wreckage and then delete it. If I could toggle off collecting/seeing wreckage, I would.
  10. I use sprint toggle and when I leave a console (like the pilot's seat or artillery seat) my sprint is toggled off each time - this means another button press to speed things up again - I'm guessing this is because of how sprint is used to boost whilst piloting a railjack - it's a minor thing though and I can live with this


Things I would like added:

  1. Some discernable variety to the fighters - currently they're all pretty much the same to me in that I don't need to do anything different to kill them. Please, please, please do not nerf tether though - wiping out mobs keeps me playing railjack - if tether was nerfed I would probably stop playing this mode without an alternative that does the same thing. Maybe just make some of the fighters that are supposed to be tougher slightly more armoured?
  2. I'd like to be able to mark locations (more than one if possible) as I see things around the map whilst I'm dealing with enemies so that I can come back to them later. Not terribly important when considering clusters of loot near derelict towers and ships, but can be quite handy if you've destroyed a crewship beyond the vacuum range and need to deal with another crewship before you can collect the loot. I'm not sure how this work in terms of targetting where the waypoint would be - maybe waypoint a crewship and have the point remain even after the crewship has been destroyed?
  3. When playing solo, if I could go from the pilot's seat to the forward artillery seat in one button press that would be fantastic. I've been hoping that this would be added to the command instrinsic.
  4. Add a button to select all wreckage - I'm currently having to select them one by one
  5. It would be nice if *by default* we could have increased speed when no enemies are nearby or if all fighters and crewships have been destroyed
  6. Sentient fighters fighting us and the Grineer when a sentient anomaly is present would be nice
  7. More than one railjack in a mission - whilst I don't need anyone in my crew it would be nice to play with other people where they are using their own railjack whilst I use mine. I know this kind of defeats the point of having a crew and this being a co-op game and all, but I would love to have my clan mates in their own railjacks farming for wreckage and resources whilst I support them. 


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6 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

If you heard on the Devstream, Scott would like as many Railjack thoughts as possible. This temporary Subforum was built out to collect as much constructive content as possible. Post your threads, discussions, videos, all in this handy place! 

Why not put mini ships on rail jacks for other players to control so it includes all players in a mission and not feel like ur carrying the whole team


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Just my two cents on "what chaps my ass" as scott has phrased so eloquently:

I'm not the guy to talk to about accessibility since I was done with the RJ map on day 1 despite the glitches and have been max MR long before that, so none of that affects me in a way that I can responsibly perceive.

Some stuff I hate about RJ:

#1 transition time is balls when entering and leaving ships/space, if this could speed up on load times I'd be very grateful, this is honestly a major pace killer in comparison to the rest of warframe is transitioning to enemy ships and bases.  The game is meant to be played fast by virtue of the fact that it rewards grind time and not skill, fight it all you want, that's the game design you made.  If the transitions are smoother and faster it will speed up the play.  I'm also certain this isn't my machine or network, it's just slow as balls... I shouldn't feel a "sudden stop" when transitioning most times because the rest of warframe doesn't play that way, and where it does, it shouldn't.

#2 no more defense objectives please god... Yes we want more missions, no we don't want more forced slow play, this is why nobody likes doing these missions, too slow.  Again, game is meant to be played fast according to the player base because of how you designed the game, please stop fighting this with arbitrary time gates like defense.

#3 there is no incentive to play RJ at all at present for me outside of shoehorned in NW missions, which is fine, because that's what NW is for, to get you to experience lots of content you don't normally do and it helps prevent burnout by varied objectives with an additional reward pool, the key part is the ADDITIONAL REWARD POOL.  I need evergreen rewards of some kind here if you want me to care about RJ once I clear the Corpus liches and get the new toys, otherwise, try as you might, I'll be skipping it, busting relics, and logging out for long periods of time when I get bored and/or frustrated with the routine parade of bad dev decisions popularized to new heights in 2020.  Simply put I need to either be able to have a new thingy that works like relics in terms of value vs time spent (a new system that is as rewarding in plat but not rewarding the same way that requires additional game modes that aren't defense), otherwise it's back to cracking relics for more plats.  I understand also that you can't just forever bump up the power creep because it's already past absurd, so I'm not looking for more power, but there has to be a payout for my time to want to be there.  If it's on par with relics then I can safely say "hey that's an option to change up my game play".  And here's the thing, I actually like RJ, but I don't play it because it's a waste of my time as a player.  That should be a strong que.

#4 Fix your status damage types on RJ, just kill the RJ status system entirely and replace it with the old one we use for everything else.  At least half the player base doesn't know how to recipe the current combos and when you added this in it was a huge ass mistake.  Even with 8k hours in game I never bothered to learn this new RJ status system because not only is RJ not rewarding, but it also doesn't matter, which brings me to the next point...

#5 Fix the ship guns.  Right now while the visuals feel the different, they all feel/play roughly the same.  There is always a loot cave and always a best gun, stop fighting that, make interesting stuff we want to use that is cool.  Start making these things have identity like all the rest of the weapons in WF (the first thing that comes to mind is a sticky grenade gun).  Make sure they are all viable, but make some cool, interesting and unique like the plethora of guns we never use because melee is factually better at clear speed.  Those guns you have are cool.  We like the weird gimmicks and that's a strength WF has over lots of other games, the unique weaponry and ways to use it because at a certain point the DPS stops mattering (when you 1 shot every room or more) and it's more about how you feel like killing hordes of dudes.

I'd even go so far as to say make the guns individually modable like our regular guns because that gives us a) another temp sink and b) the ability to make builds that suite our playstyle, which brings me to the next problem

#6  Build diversity for RJ sucks.  Give me more crap to tack on my ship and fix the reactors so I can fit a full build... even if you want to make some sort of RJ forma or something that's cool, just let me slot all my slots.  I can't do that (with a maximum reactor) and it's not quite as frustrating as the Mechs were when they had this problem because of lots of reasons, but it's still frustrating.  Whatever it is it needs to either buff max reactor or increase efficiency on drain, either way the same purpose is met that I can slot all my crap.  More RJ powers would be cool too, remember the original battlestar galactica?  get creative, make some cool crap I want to have.

#7 I know there is an ancient tale of what the elders call modular archwing, but that doesn't exist last I checked.  Right now there is only 1 archwing in terms of practicality.  Frankly it's not enough to make them modular, because then there's still one right build, there has to be a reason to want to equip each whether they are modular parts or full on classic archwings.  Additionally, another major hurdle for players is kitting out that 1 archwing so that it's viable.  I can't have Level 5 newbie run boarding ships when they randomly join because they'll die if they go outside, and it's faster for me to leave the steering wheel and clear the damn things myself at the end.  If they can't take a hit from a ship, at a reasonable early game build, then they shouldn't be accessing the content, it needs to be gated and since you guys refuse to gate stuff you need to fix it so they can (probably an extra 100 base shield to all non hacker AW's and buffs to their other abilities that make them worth using.  Sure they can use the slingshot, but it's still faster for me to clear it, so instead they gut stuck in engineering, which sucks for them being new to the experience, and then I get 3 people walking in circles in engineering while I do the entire mission myself because they can't do anything worthwhile in the same time it takes me to do the whole mission (that's that power creep thing).

#8 I know you know this, exterminate is cool, it can't be the only thing, and I and most of the player base commit not alive if you start introducing RJ to have escorts and defense (though escorts could be cool if it's fast paced like escorting a fighter or something, just nothing at all like defection plskthnx).  We need more stuff to do, objects and enemy types to interact with, things to use the railjack for that doesn't require us to sit.   Example: Charge up a thing by shooting at it while we get swarmed by enemy fighters and such.  Not the best idea, but something different needs to happen if you want this to have longevity.  A better idea might be to actually take on the fleet ships in ship to ship combat, and the grineer formorians.  I know you say new game modes are coming, but much like I've said repeatedly in the last 4 years, I'll believe it when I see it.

These are just the major gripes that stand out in my head.  I'm sure I have more, but that's the basic gist for now.  Last thought:  don't overcomplicate it.  Remember the KISS rule.  Yes, modding is a hurder for new players, so they have that already, don't make AW another hurdle for them to learn how to do.

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I don't know what kind of missions you guys will have for the new Railjack. But I hope they won't be a very long mission like the early iteration of Sentient anomaly or Isolation Vault bounty where the best possible rewards are behind walls of long-marathon missions (emphasis on "possible", as in "not guaranteed"). These are fine if there were no serious bug like host migration or anything that made you lose the reward, rare drop, affinity, etc. Otherwise, this makes the grind to be hard and frustrating.

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The only thought I have is the same thought I always have for Railjack: I really want to be able to fill my railjack with specters/liches/teamates from the syndicates, and being able to just have  starting specter/teamate/lich slots, and getting to set them to default behaviors(like: concentrate on repealing boarders, or concentrate on repaidng damage) would be an AMAZING quality-of-fun update. 

An on-level specter to fight wouldn't be a huge update in gameplay/power, but would be *so* cool. 

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My main gripes with RJ:

  • Lack of voting, the rest of the game has it so why not RJ?
  • No way to leave squad like in open worlds, you have to literally abort mission which is always icky.

The maps in RJ offer resource gathering and optional exploration loot (derelict) which you can't do because of the above 2 things in public, no matter if you own the RJ or not.

Maybe a popup voting thing like defense/interception where people can easily choose between stay, next mission or extract.

The stay option works differently depending if host picks it or not:

- If host picks this option then everyone else that picks it stay with host and the navigation console is still accessible to open a vote for the next node.

- Navigation console should also have an orbiter icon node (or change the drydock one to do this) for anyone that wants to separately extract at any time during that (including host).

- If only clients pick this option, they'll be migrated together (or individual if connection not possible) with the same RJ, but they cannot use it in further missions (exactly like host leaving in the current build), this should be mentioned in the option's text.

The next mission option requires host to pick and it effectively is identical to "stay" but expresses the intent more clearly, then players can open navigation and vote for whatever node (including extracting solo).

- If only clients pick this option then they will be extracted to orbiter instead, this should be mentioned in the option's text.

Then the extract option:

- allows host to extract to orbiter/drydock and clients can only "stay" to use the RJ for the current map only (just like host leaving in current build), then they have to extract/drydock themselves.

- allows clients to extract to orbiter freely.

(EDIT) Additioanlly, as long as host migrations can cause people to be kicked to menu without any loot: any time host picks to extract using navigation, it should have a 20s countdown to give clients time to react to seeing it and teleport back to the ship to extract themselves before host does.

And of course the navigation console *needs* to be accessible by multiple people at the same time because of the voting and extraction.


(EDIT) Also, these 3 options are IMO the best way to convey intent and also provide all the options for people, it should NOT be boiled down to just giving a separate extract node in the navigation because that's not enough, it will still be disruptive and sudden because noone knows when someone wants to extract or not.


In fact, the open world's leave squad is also badly exposed to players, the "leave squad" option should be in the menu, right under abort.


Then there's:

  • RJ owner should be able to take over an occupied flight seat, it's my ship with my resources fed into its arsenal. I don't have a problem others flying the ship but when I see they have no idea what they're doing (or intentionally griefing) then I need to be able to take back my ship.
  • BFG should be given to pilot directly, the seat is just meaningless and whenever I leave the flight seat to kill a crewship with BFG someone hops in the flight seat and flies away or moves the view around and I can't shoot the thing because its view moves with the ship, unlike side turrets.
  • The whole "refine" thing is also easily abused, people automatically just refine stuff at the end of mission without any care of what everyone else wants to do, if the ship has no more gear and I want to play some more, someone using "refine" basically forces me to go to drydock, and that's not ok.
  • The new damage types, it's really awkward to mod arch-weapons for RJ when you have no idea what elements you're even getting and what those do because there's nothing to hover!


There's probably other things that I'm forgetting xD

Also, the looting range is better now but would still prefer a vacuum avionic to have it even larger if you can afford the slot... or an ability, I'd use energy for that.

And/or some way to better see loot so that you can't miss it so easily, an equivalent to the box icons in radar in regular gameplay, showing both the containers and the exposed loot.

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Hitting Crewships in the engine with forward artillery sometimes results in the damage being nullified (a gray zero jumps out on hit, as if they're immune). 

As for actual additions:

-New turret types

-New ordnance types

-"Corrupted" avionics (1 positive and 1 negative stat) from Orokin tower POI

-More special effects for MK3 components

-Ability to change color of visual effects on our turrets and ordnance

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I want to talk about the command part of the intrinsic. Here are some things I want to see from this;


·       Besides syndicate and kuva lich npcs, they should include new npcs like Dax soldiers, zealots from nightwave and any other npcs in the future.

·       Make the kuva liches be able to be customisable like the crew and make those customisations carry over when they appear in other missions.

·       The squad should work in the same way as in Mass Effect where you can command them to do certain things by using the gear wheel e.g. attack, stay, summon, send back to ship etc.

·       The npc should be able to pilot the railjack, use the guns and sort out repairs on the railjack.

·       Give them the function to be able to revive you and any fallen npcs.

·       Since they are apart of your team, they should have one ability that can help while in the mission e.g. the ability to levitate enemies in the air.

·       The guns they are equipped with should be as effective as the mods you put on them.

·       If you pick the syndicate NPC, the customisation should carry over to them in syndicate missions.


We should have the ability to be able to add decorations on our railjack. I also I still feel like the controls are a bit off on controllers so this needs to be revisited again.

Also Ash has a bug to teleport to where he can`t consistently open humanoid enemies up for finishers. This has been in the game for years please fix.

  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Ash`s teleport doesn't open enemies up to finishers consistently .
  • REPRODUCTION: Teleport to enemy. 
  • EXPECTED RESULT: It should open enemies up to finishers every time you teleport to an enemy.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Enemy is not affect by the ability.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time I teleport to a enemy.
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