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Post-Devstream Railjack Feedback (Now Closed)

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I had replied previously about teaching someone railjack and what it might look like, but with the affinity event winding down I realized I had some archweapons I had to level up quick.  While archwing isn't exactly what you asked for, having that quick reminder I figured I should post about the ass-chapping part of that too.

Stagger on collisions.  I did most of my archwing farming back when weapons slots were free and all their parts were in missions instead of syndicates.  What I loved about it back when everyone seemed to hate it was zooming through trench runs with itzal.  That's not a thing any more.  Any slight bump into anything sends you into a stagger that completely sucks the joy out of it.  I understand that's there in place of self damage, but it's still a terrible experience.  Having amesha helps, but it's still pretty punishing to be stopped flat and often get stuck in geometry.

For a compromise (making amesha less mandatory) I'd propose self-damage on shields, stagger on health.  I don't know if there's anything that could be done about getting stuck on geometry, but yeah, it sucks.

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A nice QoL thing would be the ability for the pilot to send a notification to the crew if they need something built, so they don't need to bring up a chat window to tell the crew to build more flux or dome charges.

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Please let us see or manage some aspects of the railjack system in orbiter.  let us see the avionics in the codex, our wreckage in the inventory (and scrap them there), once we own a railjack let us mess with the avionics from the orbiter (or in the railjack attached to our orbiter) also let us see and mange the crew system somewhat from our orbiter (or attached railjack). 

Maybe I don't want to have to load up a drydock to launch of mission if I'm just doing it solo or playing with friends. 

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So here are some suggestions that I haven't seen posted yet:

Focus shift from abilities to gunplay: Abilities like munitions vortex, tether and void hole make the mode easier than it should be and makes any kind of crew redundant. Those three abilities specifically need a redesign/nerf as you can literally just spam these and concentrate fire on one spot and game complete. Its been acceptable for now since command is still not out yet however when command does release the ship's crew needs to actually have relevance again and not have a reason to just sit there and not have anything to do.

Tunguska Cannon: unpopular opinion, but it needs a tone down in functionality. With the way it is currently you don't even need to get out of the railjack at all unless there is some sort of secondary objective. If this is intended, fine. However it drastically reduces interaction with the game mode since you only stay on your ship. What needs the nerfing isn't the damage or anything like that, its the cooldown of the weapon. Fires to quickly for what it does. Increase the cooldown either directly or more indirectly with a very slowly depleting heat index.

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toggle for railjack auto roll, i understand how space works and i dont want to roll over, if im upside down.

i would like bulkhead and hull weave to be farmable actual parts to the ship that are upgradable, so it can free up the mod space.

flux for the railjack is capped a 720 for me and dojo refill flux energy has 851/796. the mods dont reflect flux correctly

i want a panel at the helm so i can at least refine when exiting mission, because i always forget. and would like to save a jarring warp to touch a panel.

i have all the guns and the actual guns float out front why cant i have toggle for them, so even the crew on the side guns can choose the one they like.

ability to use the frame as a kill shot from the slingshot to a crewship

particle ram needs to not be same polarity slot as tether

simaris scanning mod

all parts to be ungradable past 3

infinite boost, i hate waiting for the refill boost. i want to move and dart.

remove the surge boost forward after a big boost from boosting left and right and backwards and surge in the direction i am already moving( so if i boost backwards, i surge boost backwards)

railjack melee arms 🦾

fix the menu for fast travel while aboard to stay centered while on a mission, seems more like a punishment when your soloing to not just stay at the helm and you can have a fire right at the rear of the ship; that you have to move half way to access just from the menu.

ability to use the arsenal on the railjack while on a mission while not in combat

a lock-on for the big gun, i have dpi on my mouse and its not always working and a slight lock-on can ensure that i hit the ship.

use the slingshot to enter a galleon


peace ❤




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Alright, here goes my wishlist (regarding railjack functionality, not the game mode):

  • for those who sit in the foundry and have nothing to do most of the time - rear turret;
  • faster animations for entering side turret seats and using foundry;
  • ability to catapult yourself into space from the pilot seat (for situations when you're playing solo or just everyone else is busy and you need to quickly enter POI or board a crewship);
  • ability to charge slingshot to increase jump distance (maybe for additional flux energy);
  • using remote repair blocks using teleportation in tactical menu - is it intentional?
  • map in tactical menu needs to be locked (a lot of people already said the reason);
  • proper scale - maybe it's just me, but i don't like that from the outside RJ looks way smaller than from the inside;
  • ability to disable auto-roll.

That's all i can remember.

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This are ideas to streamline and change up the process on the ship

1. Better Singleplayer support via NPC crew. For example give the Q button for the pilot the functionality to give the Kuva Lich or whatever in the atillary the command shoot that ship. (could be a circle menue with commands like reproduce ammo as well)

2. Use normal scaling on enemies not Plains scailing. The enemies hit like trucks and are super tanky. I wanted to give some new players the chance to play the mission and they where oneshoted by the enemies even on lower missions.

3. Change the forge to a seat and call it engineering. Combine the forge functionality and the repair functionality, with the tactical boosts. Also you can give this position the posibility to give the shields a boost on one area. (most of the time it would be front for the atillary shot) It would change a job on the highlevel missions that is only standing in the back and refilling stuff once in a while andd jumping/porting through the ship, to a full job.

4. Frontal atillary rockets. this would make the job also more than wait for pilot to pop the shield than lineup than shoot. 

5. Combine the turrets into one terminal. It's used very sparingly in higher missions and most of the time the turrets get in the way, but they would make a bigger impact that way. And give them the option to generate turrets in the ship to repell borders.

This are ideas for game mode 

1. Invasions, where you need to defend a group of fighters while they destroy something or a crew transport that is delivering troops on a Greneer Gallion or a Corpus Ship. So you insentivice players to play Railjack for the rewards there. You could give other rewards like a Forma Blueprint or a special Railjack equipment there.

2. Railjack Raids. How about some big bosses like the Phomorean and giving up to 4 crews work to do. Railjacks need to destroy the fighter support and some crew ships than destroy the shields of the boss so a enter crew can join while more fighters are spawning. So you might have from every crew 1-2 People inside the Railjack, while the other ones destroy fighters outside. Both things are generating points, killing fighters and the mission objectives. For example you could give the universal Syndicate tokens.

3. Archeology missions. You go into old deralicts and search for stuff, but when someone joines a defencive system is activated that is calling fighters. So the Railjack crew has something to do while the away crew is... away. If you don't want to create new ships you can say something like "it seams the Greneer have picket up the distres beakong on the deralict. Keep them in bay!" This could be a endless type mission. Both groups need to defend something.

4. Resuce missions. Why not use the omni tool to seve some lives? There is a Ship that is attacked and you need to save it's crew. The away crew needs to bring the crew of the vessal to the escape pods and use the omni tool to extinguish fires to open doors. They get refills in the ship. The Railjack crew destroys the fighters and crewships in the mean time. It would be a gamemode where you have time pressure and thus need to split up. 

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On 2021-02-04 at 1:54 AM, mkah_mvet said:

I had replied previously about teaching someone railjack and what it might look like, but with the affinity event winding down I realized I had some archweapons I had to level up quick.  While archwing isn't exactly what you asked for, having that quick reminder I figured I should post about the ass-chapping part of that too.

Stagger on collisions.  I did most of my archwing farming back when weapons slots were free and all their parts were in missions instead of syndicates.  What I loved about it back when everyone seemed to hate it was zooming through trench runs with itzal.  That's not a thing any more.  Any slight bump into anything sends you into a stagger that completely sucks the joy out of it.  I understand that's there in place of self damage, but it's still a terrible experience.  Having amesha helps, but it's still pretty punishing to be stopped flat and often get stuck in geometry.

For a compromise (making amesha less mandatory) I'd propose self-damage on shields, stagger on health.  I don't know if there's anything that could be done about getting stuck on geometry, but yeah, it sucks.

I think that change was in the "warframe revised" update where they changed self-damage to staggers and also tweaked damage status effect. I clearly remember my surprise when I couldn't fly on PoE and ignis everything because I was constantly being interrupted by environment. However I'd love to have that changed too. If this is impact proc, maybe they could deal damage to us without status...

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I have a few points that I didn't see in this thread.

1. Many people talk about 6DOF like in real fly sims, but I'd like to add it on archwings (both planetary and space), and also make all three controls togglable. Some find it nauseating when railjack constantly return to "horizontal" position, and others don't like when rotation is completely free and they cannot tell sky from ground.

2. Arhcwing and its weapons are bad in space: flight is slow slow and damage is lower than that of railjack. Enemies are so agile that we cannot even scan them or hit with melee autoaim! I don't know what can be done here, but for me it's an issue. It might be right that railjack is much better that archwing in railjack missions, but I feel that this difference is too deep.

3. Enemy scaling is strange. In missions fighter levels are set to be 2-3 times lower than normal evemy levels (except very first missions where fighters are 1-3 or 3-6). I'd like to see that at least veil missions have close levels. It would show difficulty more clearly, and also fix scarlet spear space situation when there were 100lvl ground enemies (like on highest veil mission) and 100lvl space enemies (which is twice higher than veil missions). 

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A long term idea, but perhaps creating a sort of "open zone" that is left to explore would be neat. It would be like its own proxima, but it would be made out of random nodes filled with random encounters, random gamemodes and random rewards would be neat. It would make seem railjack to be bigger than it is, as if you are exploring various previously unexplored parts of the solar system.

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Option to remove all the extra debris and meteors when piloting, I find them annoying and they make it difficult to find resources in space. Also the railjack map in tactical menu sometimes gets partially blocked by the black bars which prevents teleporting and remote repairs.

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I have a few ideas for things in Railjack that might be useful or just nice to have:

1: make join-warp either more accessible, either by making it an earlier intrinsic or having everyone have it but locking it behind a flux barrier. I've had too many teammates die because they decided to just abandon the railjack and run off towards an objective only to be gunned down by 30 fighters.

2: mission vote when a mission is selected, or lock that to the mission host. Like many people, I hate how some random person can hijack your railjack and just send you to god-knows-where with the click of a button, especially considering you can send them to any node you have access to. Or make it so that anyone who isn't the host can only send you to missions in the same proxima.

3: more non-objective PoI's, at least 1 in every proxima: maybe some infestation ravaged grineer asteroid base that can give a new or rare infested (or hybrid) weapon, or the wreckage of a corpus ship that can give a corpus weapon. in some Proxima's, there are tons of grineer galleons just floating around and it looks like you should be able to enter them.

4: after all objectives are done, make it so that objective PoI's can't shoot out boarding parties. I've gone through missions, killing every enemy inside them and then doing everything the game asks of me, yet I guess that pulse turbine had some enemies hidden away that can still board my ship.
Edit: so apparently I've been experiencing a glitch a lot it seems, since I just did railjack with a friend and this never happened... either way, it needs to be fixed

5: maybe a more controversial opinion I hold... but let our warframe choices affect the railjack in some way, more than some lackluster AoE ability cast by using Flux... idk, maybe bringing a Nyx along would let us temporarily hypnotise or control enemy fighters or crewships.

6: make Hijacking enemy crewships actually useful... currently, Hijacking an enemy crewship doesn't count towards the Destroy Enemy Crewship objective, and an ally can randomly decide to blow it up from the inside whenever they please, plus their weak weaponry doesn't provide much benefit. make it so that hijacking an enemy crewship counts towards the Destroy Enemy Crewship objective, or at least that an ally can't randomly board it up and destroy the reactor if you are flying it. Additionally, although I've personally never seen it, I've heard that even if you've hijacked and cleared out a crewship in the Veil Proxima, it'll continue to shoot out it's healing projectiles towards enemy fighters.
Additionally, potentially make it so that once all objectives are done, you can send an enemy crewship back to the drydock to deconstruct and get their weaponry or a lot of resources.

7: skins for the interior of the railjack, or the ability to choose between set layouts for the interior of the railjack. This could help the railjack feel more personal to the player, and also add some variety to the railjack. although if you do add additional interior layouts, please don't lock them behind plat, or at least lock them behind the skins (and let us see a preview of them through the tactical map).

8: more mission objectives aside from extermination. Maybe a mission where we have to hijack enemy crewships, or explore a bunch of PoI's to gather information.

9: give side-guns their own Flux abilities, that way people will stop sending off my particle ram or activating my rocket salvo's.

10: I've been wanting this for a long time (and I know it's probably never gonna happen), but the ability to change cephalons inside the railjack. Even just the ability to pick between either Ordis or Cy for your railjack would be really nice. Or even being able to buy/build cephalons to equip (maybe you get Cephalon data from spy missions or from inside PoI's in railjack), whether they be ones that already exist inside the warframe universe (like Ordis, Sark, Suda, etc) or are completely new ones, either for just railjack or all mission types.

11: after all objectives have been completed, remove the building timer for the Forge's, I don't want to stand around in my ship for minutes while building some things that I used.

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added edit notice to 4, and added point 10 and 11
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 [Necramech + Archwing]

it would be great if we could see a Necramech Hangar

upper back of the ship look too spacy, maybe you could add it there and launch it with Slingshot

a moment like "Tenno, Voidrig, Launching!" would make a mecha fan go crazy

(oh yeah if it could be a new dialogue for tenno to say like that when launching a Necramech 👌😤)

(if original Necramech can't, maybe add new lore for new type of Necramech, The Space only Necramech!)

i think this idea could be useful  for a New War


[A little(?) more]

-something like Forma for  RJ

-maybe rework an upgrade system of RJ to be more similar to Warframe's upgrade system

(separate it to RJ,Engine,Turret and Ordnance like Warframe,Primary,Secondary and Melee, this may make it more fun to play)

-give it some more creative mod

-MORE SKIN (especialy Infested RJ) (or maybe open for next TennoGen)

-Oh right! you can bring back a clan war now 😂 we have more powerful weapon like RJ

-Cabbage Relic on RJ mission


Well, that's all i can think of for a moment

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Railjack Suggestions/Mission Suggestions.

Increase Boost Meter 200%, shorten Boost recharge delay.

Turn Tactical menu Ship Map side ways. Optional: Option to turn it sideways, and Option to label each warp point on map.

Allow Tactical Menu to be binded on more buttons while Player Character is in Pilot seat.

Making Tactical Menu available as a Gear Window swap helps too. Tactical Menu <-Gear Window(standard position-> Emote Window

For Command intrinsic(even though not out yet) - Ability to deploy security bots to deal with intruders.

Gunnery level 10 intrinsic, Allow it to be toggle-able. Exa: I can click my Right Analog stick or press a key to activate it.

Tactical level 10 intrinsic addition: If you return to the ship with Omnitool, you can Jump back to where you left from on stations.


Mission Suggestions.

Allow ejecting Each Radiator on stations without needing to destroy previous one first. Save the players some time. In and out and in and out and in and out really is annoying/tedious to players when dealing with solo infiltration/destruction.


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More focus on the different 'roles', give them all something worthwhile to do and buttons to click during a mission.

- Make sideguns player-dependent: the individual player always uses his own sidegun, which he has 'modded' and unlocked/boosted special abilities for through Gunnery intrinsics. Obviously the Railjack Avionics are now only available in the pilot seat (empty slots are filled up with gunnery abilities). Gunnery abilities work with CD's and not flux in order to avoid trolling.

- Move control of the big gun to the pilot's seat. Make the big map-nuking abilities such as tether use the big gun (and a dome charge). Alternatively expands its capabilities and give it abilities of its own to make it a full 'role' and give its gunner more to do than just shooting crewships. 

- Give the engineer his own interface/workstation through which to use the forges and unlocked/boosted special abilities (buffing the other 'roles'/away teams/sending out drones to gather supplies, provide fire support (ie. bring his side turret in play), shield boosts, repair the railjack, etc).

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Hi Scott,

Some of these points will already have been laboured but...

1 - Leaving games open to random players is punishing!

2 - Nerf the overwhelming battlespace control of avionics, allow only the pilot to use them, and bring in new ones specific to side guns with their own separate Flux capacity (or on individual cooldown.)

3 - Don't allow anyone but the host to use the navigation console.

4- Allow players to return to their orbiter after every mission (forced mission vote where the Railjack is going anyway but you are free to leave.)

5 - New players don't know what they should be doing. Allow the host/pilot/command to issue simple orders that will be translated depending on the players native language and drop a waypoint to that area. "We're running low on munitions we need someone in engineering" "I need someone to man the forward guns (if they can)" "Return to the Railjack and defend it" "Fix that breach" "Exit the Railjack and attack the objective."

6 - New players instinctively are drawn to the side guns and they're underwhelming. With every gunnery intrinsic unlocked as a side gunner, the pilot will still likely do 90%-95% of damage to enemy fighters. I appreciate there will be issues with lag from the host. Maybe more lock on features? Most new players don't even know the Tycho Seekers are there and they certainly don't see or hear the lock-on. A default emphasis that you're locked on to the enemy fighter would be brilliant.

7 - All crew members (certainly the pilot) should be able to see current payload on the HUD at all times regardless of position. All crew members should be able to see the location of the other crew members on the HUD at all times regardless of position.

8 - Montgomery Scott "I've given her all she's got captain..." It's a tall order but could you make the engineering role a full time position? It should only affect things that aren't essential but could potentially help you run missions faster I think would be really fun. I'd be shouting my head off at my engineer if my Railjack was moving at snails pace! :) As well as stocking up on munitions, allow them to boost engines, boost shields, empower guns and fix damage to the hull based on how well/quickly they perform on increasingly difficult randomly generated mini-game puzzles; engines could me a logic puzzle, shields could be memory like the Lua puzzle rooms and guns could be reflex puzzles. They could also get things wrong and make things worse but you would have to allow the host the option to demote them to prevent trolling. It should not be a game breaking boost but it should add value good engineers and allow well organised crews to complete objectives quicker. All engineering success/failure would need to be displayed on the HUD of all crewmembers for banter.

I think Railjack is in a really good spot right now and you should be proud of how hard you and your guys have worked on it. Thanks for the invitation for some feedback.



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Currently, railjack could really, really use better markers for boarded crew ships.  Many times have I seen the artillery used on ships that someone else had boarded, but we'd had no idea that they were there, wasting the boarder's time and the ammo expended.  Plus, blowing up a ship with a tenno on it seems to be a bit of a tricky thing for the engine to handle. 

Railjack on the whole could also use a lot more tutorial, as even in veil people are making very basic mistakes (like endlessly trying to use side guns on crew ships or points of interest).  Explaining to pubs how artillery, repairs and ship resources work over and over again isn't terribly fun, and the game could definitely use a 'how to' mission somewhere along the line.

A mission vote in place of the current 'nav immediately engages warp' would also be massively helpful, and I hope it's coming soon.

And, sorry everyone for saying so, but I think the shields might need a balance pass to bring the zetkis in line with the other shields.  The one second recharge times on the zetkis make them so, so much more powerful than the others - especially given the nature of space combat where enemies have to fly past and take another pass each time they want to hit us, or the crewships seem to need to reload.

The homing missiles are also far more powerful and far more usable than the dumbfire rockets or the chaining heat laser - some way of getting the other two up to the same level of splash damage and reliability as the homing missiles would do us a lot of favours for build diversity.

Guns could also use a bit of a balance pass.  Currently, the apocs - especially the zetki apocs - are capable of nearly twice the DPS of all other weaponry.  Back when I'd done the math assuming max crit/damage intrinsics, I think they were putting out about 25k dps while all other weapons sat in the 11-15k ballpark.  The Cryophons especially could use some love, given that they're now the only short-range weapon of the lot, and don't even do much more damage than the others to balance that.


In terms of wishful thinking, I'd like to see a steel path inclusion for railjack, along with drop incentives to play it.  The most fun I've had with railjack was when it was new, the missions were tough, and my pals and I had to work as a coordinated squad to keep ourselves going, using cover and tactical movement to survive and win against a superior force.  It was the only time I remember losing when partnered with clanmates, but the difficulty kept us on the edge of our seats and fighting to survive.

For crew intrinsics, I'm really hoping we can assign a little bit in the way of standing orders to our crew, in terms of prioritizing what they should do in various circumstances.  The character behavior settings of Dragon Age Origin come quickly to mind, though I can understand that would be a fair bit of UI work to get going.

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Per your request, [DE]Scott, I present to you...


  1. When first entering the Railjack Navigation screen, it ALWAYS first zooms in on Earth Proxima.
    It seems to me that this is all well and good when a player is first beginning to play Railjack missions, but once they have unlocked Saturn Proxima, and then Veil Proxima after that, the Railjack Navigation screen should default to the "general overview" of the "Railjack Starchart" where you can see all the different Proximas, and can then pick which one you want to go to INSTEAD OF having to back out of Earth Proxima EVERY TIME before being able to select where you REALLY want to go.

  2. On the Tactical Menu in Railjack, for the love of Clem, PLEASE make the position of the Railjack "mini-map" STATIC when you are aboard the Railjack!
    Right now, the location of the mini-map bounces all over the place, so it's always in a different position each time you open the Tactical Menu. This seems to be because it's basing the placement of the mini-map on the player's position in the ship. However, this frequently causes problems when trying to Fast-Travel around the ship, because the Fast-Travel points can end up hidden behind and/or obstructed by other UI elements, thus making it impossible to Fast-Travel to the point in the ship you're trying to get to.  Since the Railjack "mini-map" would easily fit--in its entirety--vertically-centered on the right-side of the screen, it seems that would be a better implementation to lock the Railjack "mini-map" to always be statically positioned as such, and then just make the arrow icon that indicates the player's current location & direction they are facing pulsate or flash (to help make the arrow icon very easy to spot).

  3. PLEASE FIX the "invisible walls/obstacles" issue!
    Sometimes there will be invisible objects/walls in space that prevent the Railjack Ship from being able to move through what appears to be empty space, and loud crashing sounds are heard when the Railjack collides with... whatever these are invisible walls/objects are.  What's even stranger is that when you exit the ship and are flying around in your Archwing, you are freely able to move through the very same areas that the Railjack Ship is inexplicably being blocked from traveling.

  4. PLEASE FIX "Vacuum-Resistant Cubic Diodes" (and other resources)
    Frequently, during Railjack missions, I'll come across floating resources that REFUSE to be affected by the Railjack's loot-vaccuum, such as the cubic diodes pictured here near this strange green radiation cloud.  As you can see, I can fly right up to them, and they do not budge, refusing to be picked up.  The only way to get them is to exit the ship, and literally make physical contact with the resources when in my Archwing... and sometimes, even then, they are not lootable.


  5. PLEASE make it so that when returning to the Dojo from the Railjack navigation console, materials in the forge are AUTOMATICALLY Refined.
    It is SO irritating when some random player decides they want to return to the Dojo and rudely selects it as soon as a mission is complete, without saying a word to the rest of the squad and not bothering to refine materials before doing so (or giving enough time for another crew member to do it). Likewise, it's something that is frequently forgotten until it's too late and the ship is already en route to the Dry Dock. In any case, setting resources to be automatically Refined as soon as the Dry Dock is selected from the Railjack's Navigation console would fix this issue in all scenarios.

  6. PLEASE FIX Munitions (Tycho Seeker, Galvarc, Milati) always reverting to DEFAULT colors!
    Customizing the Railjack colors will *only* apply to the equipped munitions on the lower front of the ship immediately after making changes to the colors. Upon leaving and returning to the Dojo, however, the color customization will appear on everything EXCEPT the munitions, which always revert back to the default Railjack colors.
    (I previously reported on this issue at the link below: )
  7. PLEASE FIX Custom Glyph and Railjack Name no longer appearing on the ship during the launch from Dry Dock cutscene.
    Several updates ago, the custom glyph and name that you give your Railjack conspicuously disappeared from the sides of the ship during the initial "Launch from Dry Dock" cut-scene, and the cool-looking burst of light from the engines that used to appear at the end of the cut-scene when the Railjack sped off into the vastness of space (as shown below in the player's video from 2019) is also gone... so now it seems more like the ship suddenly *poof* turns invisible, instead of flying away at high speed:

    Also, the side-mounted turrets on the nacelles have started floating below where they should be mounted, detached from the ship, as shown the pictures below:




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hello again i hade another idea since the upcoming content will have void storms  if posible you can make an effect for railjack  when in rail jack make the ship take alittle damage and make turbulance inside railjack like make it the longer railjack stays in the void storm (the most dangerest parts of the storms) the more damage railjack will take also this will open up new avionics mods like railjack taking less from void storms and another avionics mod like railjack having reduced turbulance that will be something interesting to see 🙂

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I gave some feedback just a little before this devstream here:

1. Can Cephalon Cy's status & mission objective updates also be displayed on the screens scattered about the ship?

2. can the empty space in the gunners area have a hologram of the whole RJ map, so we can orient ourselves.

3. can the engineering bay have a hologram of our ship so that he knows exactly where to run to fix a hull breach?

4. can the display screens above the foundry display information? rather than just be a light bulb?

5. Why are their safety handrails in this ship? I am a ninja not a toddler.


6. When selecting another RJ map can only the people within the ship be taken. Let all those who stay outside the ship be collected by their Liset (now the area is secure) and leave the squad, thus confidently securing their loot and giving meaning to Cy's request that we return to the ship. Currently they wait for the new map to load in and then abandon the team.




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Incidentally with respect to roles, My wife gets a bit frustrated that I do practically all the jobs without her help. In particular the engineering is still only a part time occupation on my ship with no defense, shield or armor mods. By contrast a spaceship simulator that make engineering feel fun and powerful is Artemis


This mostly revolves around boosting certain components of the ship, the secondary function is to triage repair requests.





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I've read through a lot of suggestions here and there are some things I want to highlight that I definitely agree with.


1. Make a voting system for node selection so that no specific player can take other players to a node unwillingly.

2. There is a lack of mission types in railjack. Mission types should be expanded upon. One reason I love spy missions for example is because it takes away from the same old kill everything. If we could get equivalent missions in railjack to some of the "non kill" objective mission types that would be awesome.

3. Please remove the crate in front of the teleport spot in the forge room. It's pretty annoying to have to run around a crate every time you teleport back there. I know this is small but it would be very helpful.

4. A permissions system or something else that would prevent players from ruining missions by wasting all of the flux or using all the materials to forge stuff that's not needed. Alternatively it would be interesting if hosts could set conditions for which clients could do certain things. For example, the host could set a condition where clients can only use flux for avionics if the flux is 50% full or more. Or a condition where the engineer client could only build a certain thing if the railjack has less than a certain percentage of that thing.

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On 2021-01-29 at 1:20 PM, Sokdenumeros said:

Rank 10 of artillery is a bit annoying at times, no need to change it but if we could turn on or off certain intrinsics similar to how we can with focus nodes, it would be great.


I really love the battle avionics but some of them like seeker volley for example, seem a bit weak for high level missions.


Always found it weird that players can finish the rising tide quest without having done chains of harrow, they get to see the man in the wall before releasing rell?

Well, as a WOMAN, I'm at least spared any concern about The Man In The Wall (beyond while playing The Chains of Harrow Quest).

Now I did love getting a great surprise after that quest, presenting as an Operator doppelgänger -

(according to age-old German folklore, all living creatures have a spirit double who is invisible but identical to the living individual. These second selves are perceived as being distinct from ghosts [which appear only after death], and sometimes they are described as the spiritual opposite or negative of their human counterparts. In 1796, German writer Johann Paul Richter, who wrote under the pseudonym Jean Paul, coined the word Doppelgänger [from doppel-, meaning "double," and -gänger, meaning "goer"] to refer to such specters)

- and be treated to wildly randomized recurrences in various parts of the orbiter, and engaged in variations of a single theme of activity. Activities the Operator has been (thus far) entirely incapable of. Always engaged in doing something missing (via Alan Watts)  ...


"A little while ago, I was reading a book called Motivation and Personality, by A.H. Maslow (who is a professor of psychology at the University of Brandeis), and he had amassed together a very amusing set of quotations from about thirteen representative and authoritative American psychologists. And they were all saying words to the effect that the main drive behind all forms of animate activity was the survival of the species. In other words, all the manifestations of life are regarded by these men as intensely purposive. And the purpose and the value for which they strive is the value of survival.

And Maslow commented on this, that American [Orokin] psychology, as a result of its contact with the culture, is over pragmatic, over puritan, and over purposive.

That no textbooks on psychology have chapters on

fun and gaiety,

or on

aimless activity,

or on

purposeless meandering and puttering,

and so on.


And he said they are neglecting what may be one whole

(and even the most important) half of life.


In other words, it is a basic premise of the culture that life is work, and it’s serious. And herein lies its lack of joy; life is real, life is earnest."

And so I never saw a "Man In The Wall" (beyond the context of while playing IN The Chains of Harrow quest), and I would expect that any players who might build a Railjack before playing that quest, surprised as they may be by a doppelgänger of the operator, sitting atop the one thing that Cy could never do (namely, PRESS A BUTTON to start up the ship, after putting the key in the ignition) won't see a man in the wall either.

All the better, perhaps, that they SHOULD build a Railjack first, as they may be less likely to commit a fundamental attribution error.

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