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Some thank you's and some requests.


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Belated, but first off, I appreciate the "each ability having its own hold/press toggle."  It's been an issue I've been advocating for since Khora came out.  There weren't too many of us still actively talking about it, so this is the first time I feel like you listened to me, even though I'm sure it wasn't my post that did it.

Also, the fact that you're even willing to look at the change you made to Khora is commendable, considering how often we end up wearing changes the community doesn't like because "the only way is forward."  Honestly, she needs to just have an exalted, moddable whip with smaller AOE on the attacks, imo at least.  You could fix LOS and OP complaints pretty easy that way.

Then there's the changes to relays and the dry dock.  This is just my opinion, and I can't speak for everyone, but I don't want or need anything back for having built and done the grind for everything RJ related.  I really don't want you in the mindset that you can't make things (like the Hema for instance) more accessible to other players just because some of us have already done the grind.  I will be the first person to complain about bad grind and the last person to complain about you having made it easier for other players after I've already suffered through it.  Thematically, logically, and from a game balance point of view it makes nothing but sense that we would have drydocks in both relays and our dojos.  This is nothing but a good change in my opinion.  

Putting more missions and and mission types and objectives in RJ is another really good thing, as well as tying it in to the main game more.  Some people might not like RJ, but I think the concepts and core gameplay are a lot of fun, even though I don't really like the mission structure right now.  This is where the requests start.

Relays first:  Keep going the direction you're going.  People ask "Why can't I just talk to simaris/do other relay stuff from my orbiter?"  The response I always see is "DE want us to use the relays."  The question I always follow up with is "WHY?"  There's not much in them aside from Baro, the ducat kiosk, and the various syndicates that a lot of us really feel like we should be able to deal with from orbiters.  Give us a reason to not only visit but hang out in relays. 

  • Rather than just having to rely on recruit chat, stick a searchable LFG board in there where the posts remain up as long as the player is online or until they take it down so that a newbie looking for someone to play with can just leave a wanted ad up with details like "need help, experience wanted" "need running mate, new player preferred" etc.  Open to more than newbies of course, but I would be willing to bet a lot of plat that running that empty star chart solo is half of your problem with retaining new players.  This would also help out with RJ recruitment after the dry dock goes in.
  • Put a skate park in there.  You gave us hover boards, finish fleshing them out and give us a skate park.  Surely there are plenty of orphans in this messed up universe for there to be more than just a dozen vent kids tooling around.  If you made it so that you could earn standing while in there, I bet they'd be populated; especially if you finish fleshing them out with maybe more tricks, etc.
  • A "featured obstacle course/s".  People build fantastic courses that are only available upon invite.  Let the community vote on them, stick access to them in the relays and let us hang out and run them.
  • Let me skip Simaris' dialogue.  I'm not letting this go.
  • Orbiter Segment access.  There's plenty of space in relays, dojos, and open worlds for providing access to things like the Foundry.  I can access my arsenal in all of them, and through that, the mod screen.  The dojos and relays have navigation/mission control access.  If I could use my foundry, etc in my dojo and the relays, I'd probably hang out in all of them a LOT more.  As it stands, being in them is very inconvenient.  Make it easy to hang out and provide incentives to hang out and you'd find a lot more people using the public hubs, which would also allow us MR 30 players to put blessings on more people reliably.  

Railjack requests:

  • Take main ship combat avionics off of the side guns and either move some of them to the side guns only or make new ones for them.  Rebalance these as needed.  Preferably, give the side gun avionics a cooldown instead of energy usage so that players on the sideguns can't just blast all your flux off into space.  The main reason I solo RJ right now is because a LOT of pubs on Xbox will show up and blast off all your ordinance and flux into the black of space, not make more and then sit AFK somewhere.  Give them their own abilities (so that they stop launching off my Particle Ram, early detonating my Void Hole, etc.) with either different energy bars or just cooldowns.  Rebalance the cost of avionics so that they can actually fit into a build with a current reactor.  Whatever you do, something needs to be done about pubs and players that just don't know any better from being able to screw up your abilities, timing, flux etc, by spamming all the stuff the Pilot was planning on using.  Warframes in a squad don't share an energy pool because it would be infuriating and wouldn't function.  It's still infuriating and doesn't function when it's shared on the RJ.
  • Mission voting.  Seriously.  No one, with the exception of who's RJ it is should be able to just pull the ship wherever they want.  Mission voting, with captain veto power, and the captain having the ability to pull the ship to a drydock without a vote.  If I leave it on pub, no one should be able to pull me out of the mission I just finished if I plan on farming for resources.  
  • At the very least, Engineering 10 should give you remote forge access via the Tactical Map.  I see no reason a state of the art Orokin warship should have 4 manual forges, especially considering the number of unused terminals that are present.  I get that it was probably done so that the whole crew could each use a forge simultaneously, but the negatives and tedium outweigh the benefits here, considering a lot of players don't actively monitor the forges/consumables.  That central station at the top of Engineering right across from the ship exit should give you access to all 4, with Engineering 10 giving you tac map access.
  • Center the ship layout on the tac map and then pin it so that it doesn't move.  Not being able to access all the teleport points on the map just because you're in the wrong part of the ship is a design oversight.  
  • Please, please, please if you're not going to give us remote access to the forges, or even if you are:  Properly stow that damn crate sitting in the middle of the aisle down in engineering.  The engineering section should not look like Scott's garage.  That box needs to be put away so that it's not in the way.  I can't believe Cephalon Cy would allow it to sit improperly stored for this long.
  • More and more frequent optional POI's.  I have a whole slew of thoughts on general mission mechanics that would see the end of the exterminate mission type and have it just be an optional objective in all modes, but having every single mission be "kill this many enemies" then "kill this many crewships" takes away from the fun that could be had from the Objective and Optional Objective POI's, as well as increases farm time/grind when the missions are already fairly involved.  Combine that with a lackluster reward table and you end up running a 20 minute mission for the same level of rewards as a 3 minute mission.  By all means, make the missions longer and more involved.  Swap more of the mission parameters over to being optional and then make the reward tables match that.  

I could probably go on for another several pages, but this is long enough as is.

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