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Hotfix 10.5.4

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What about the current issue with Allie based skills not working, Nyx Mind Controll, Chaos, Neckros Ultimate the targets don't shoot enemey's and Nova's Melecular prime dose not Cause explosions to every unit some times only 1 or 3 go off and then maby all of them not sure what happend or if it's just me or if it's the Corpus Vs Grinner maps only

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* Fixed battle reward display for Arcadia (they're actually the new reusable 10-pack blueprints worth 250,000 credits!)
* Fixed blueprint images in Survival and Defense rewards.
* Fixed opposite diorama appearing when choosing corpus-invasion missions.
* Fixed a number of crashes that could occur when Mult-Threaded rendering was enabled.
* Fixed Rhino's IronSkin making his allies attack him.
* Added crash-handler to firewall exception list (might fix people not getting a WAR-number for crashes).
* Fixed stats being contributed to a clan you have only been invited to (but not accepted).


Ty !

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to bad that the gear is still so bad.... the heal one is what 120hp over 32 seconds.... maybe if it was % based it would be ok... maybe.

30% hp every 4 seconds would be a hell of a lot better... throw it down next to some one whos downed so you can rez them with out dieing. hell make it rez ppl you throw it on and it would be useful.


and let us bind hotkeys for gear slots pleases...


you could do so much cool stuff with gear.

like why is there no sentinel rez item yet?


make Team Shield Restore be crazy good, have its like 10% every 0.5 seconds for 16 ticks. "what you dont wont to have a frost with snow globe? i got this! ill throw down a bunch of T.S.R kits and we can tank all the things."


a start would be making team ammo and team heal stick to the person that uses it... so they don't have to stand in one spot...  it could be a 30 seconds aura with 6 ticks, 1 every 5 seconds restoring 15% per tick. thats 90% over 30 seconds... thats pretty bad if you look at it stats white, but because its over time and stuck to you it could really save you and your team mates. then make medium just be 60 seconds... or faster stronger ticks.


keep the dropped model (i think it looks quite nice) for something you can drop on downed team mates that rezs them so that you can keep fighting.


there is just so many cool possibility's for gear... and what we have now is just sad.


allso the bleed out mod(Undying Will) should be probably be an aura with some other stats on it to boot Physique could use a a bunch of random low lvl stats that buff random things on it.

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