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Railjack's resource pool is incredibly bloated. It's like 3 starchart planets worth of different resources shoved into one game mode. Even if next update does not introduce any new ones (I hope!) they still need to be better distributed across planets and mission types to make it possible to focus on farming a particular one.

Then there's dirac. Eventually you'll get tons of it with nowhere to spend. It's supposed to be space endo, but there's way more mods than avionics to invest into, higher tier mods need more endo to level up and even if you're completely maxed, you can just sell maxed mods, keeping endo evergreen. Having an option to upgrade weapons for dirac instead of waiting for right duplicate to drop would be a nice alternative, but even this would exhaust its potential pretty quickly. If there was a good evergreen dirac sink, it could have potential to make Railjack grind loop way more satisfying.

Removing option to buy rush repair drones for plat was a knee-jerk reaction to how bad Railjack was received for completely unrelated reasons (technical issues, timed anomaly, unfulfilled promises, titanium grind). Warframe is all about choosing what to farm and what to skip with plat. Repair drones should be purchaseable for plat again.

Equipment Management and UI

It's clunky. Having cap on built equipment is understandable, Warframe always had a plat sink in the form of slots, but limited wreckage capacity is incredibly annoying, especially when it prevents you or your teammate from going into mission. Having equipment slots occupied by default garbage is also very annoying. Not just because of wasted slots, but also because of wasted space in items selection menus. Also, list of item and "back" button being on the opposite sides of the screen is quite annoying too.

Avionics's icons are awfully designed. All same shape, same color, samey looking abstract geometrical patterns. Avionics list is very hard to navigate, there's barely any distinct visual separation between them. Mods are WAY easier to manage just due to being color-coded by rarity. Imagine how much more appealing it would be to experiment with Railjack's avionics builds if they were color coded by function (archwing buffs, tanking, damage).

Railjack's minimap must have fixed position. I often have to do fast travel from foundry to cockpit in two steps because part of minimap was outside of the screen.

Opening tactical menu to use tactical avionics feel clunky. Make them available on hotkeys. Also Cy tends to just hide tactical avionics list with his annoying transmissions (which isn't exclusive to Railjack, Ordis constantly interrputs my foundry usage).


Regular enemies are extremely hard-hitting and spongy (comparable to Steel Path) while Railjack itself is nearly unkillable. Tankiness of the ship felt much more reasonable on release than after rebalance. I also didn't like that hazards are now very rare and limited but consume lots of repair juice.

Tackling objectives from both insides and outside of points of interest felt like pretty cool gimmick at first but after a while turned into a chore, especially if playing solo. I still think that concept itself is cool but running back and forth just to destroy one radiator at a time gets tedious. Once I managed to destroy the radiator from the inside using the turret but now I'm starting to think it was a fever dream because they were never interactible again.

Pacing in the veil feels off due to how many crewships there is (again, mostly noticeable when playing solo). It's easy to quickly destroy all the fighters and then you have to deal with four of five of six crewships, which feels very repetitive.

Special space damage types serve no purpose whatsoever and only needlessly complicates things with pointless trivia. It also contributes to Warframe's larger issues of not having any consistent gameplay systems due to everything having a special case.

Drift boost should be available at the start. It just feels to good and integral to the feel of Railjack to lock it behind intrinsics grind. It's like if bullet jump was a mod or focus node.

Avionics suffer from having same old mandatory HP and damage mods and barely having any space for something altering your playstyle.

There should be more tiers of enemies than just crewship and fighter. Something in-between that you can enter but also killable with normal weapons for example. Enemies bigger than crewships. Capital ship bossfights. I don't like the idea of larger units being immune to normal guns though.

Arsenal should be accessible after finishing all objectives.

And of course mission variety is very lackluster.

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