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Octavia Prime Not Even Tiny Improvements - why?

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Right said about Octavia is that she is absolutely OP and broken and kinda fine but at the same time she is incredably annoying and desperately needs at least some improvements to these:

1. Her tracks are way too short and even the best melody in the world is gonna make you sick after some long grind.
Suggestion 1: longer Mandachord tracks (let it be an option x1, x2, x4, x8 or even more for some really dedicated musicians)
Suggestion 2: A way to switch tracks during the mission

2. "Dancing" to her 3 is pain if not every note is filled, the problem is even much worse when things get laggy.
Suggestion 1: When Octavia performs the "dancing" - she buffs everyone around her (Invisibility squats might stay as they are now, a personal choice)
Suggestion 2: Swap tracks 1 and 3 and let the "dancing"  be to the BEAT, not the melody

As you've noticed I'm suggesting only QoL changes, no boosts or nerfs, though I think her multishot buff is way too low to bother, it could be more but even without it she is a very powerful warframe (I love the concept of her and even bought all of her instruments), she is just very annoying because of the reasons above. If it gets fixed in some way, may be in another and better way than I suggested - she'll be fantastic.

PS:"3. her permanent invisibility kills all the fashion point and her upcoming Primed look is no exception, when you play her she is 99.99% invisible, will we ever get an option for invisibility effects like Wisp or Ivara Prime already have built in? I mean for every frame, not just Octavia"

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you have to keep in mind, shes still in development. But they could have done something more grander with her aesthetics, if you colored the 2  the same you probably wouldn't see a difference.

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4 hours ago, Joezone619 said:

you have to keep in mind, shes still in development.

Hm? Pretty sure we saw the final design there for the Prime.

Also, this topic is about abilities, not visuals.

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It's sad how they don't even care about advertising their primes, they just release them with the most boring way possible.

The tenora and the pandero prime are actually WORSE than their normal counterparts

What's even sadder is that people would still pay loads of money for that despite it all

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I have a solid theory on why there's no changes to Octavia for her Prime...

And it's because, unlike the other frames that needed changes to make them more powerful for their Primes, Octavia is actually over powered for the purposes of Warframe.

What this means is that any changes to her would be seen as a nerf. Seen as, not necessarily will be.

For example, reworking Octavia so that the actions performed to the beat made the abilities powerful, or in time to the notes, or similar, rather than having it be 'perform actions to get buffs, then maintain buffs as long as you can'... That may end up making her more powerful as a Warframe, but it won't be that level of power with almost no active engagement.

The reason that Octavia is so powerful isn't just because she has damage that scales off the enemy damage to effectively kill at any level, it's isn't just because she can go invisible, it isn't just because she has a radial damage buff that's incredibly powerful...

It's because she does it all on long duration timers with no need to actually engage with the game at all. It's because you can almost, almost totally, AFK the game in most situations.

It's because you can put on a Primed Continuity an Aura for energy regen and nothing else and still do everything that Octavia does without any kind of issue.

1 is automatic, 2 is automatic, 4 is automatic. The only thing you even actually do with her is her 3 where you can choose to get buffs of Multishot, Invisibility, Mobility and Melee Damage depending on how involved you want to be.


The only changes that you can get for Octavia would be to remove the un-involved nature of her game play. It would be to require abilities to have some kind of limitation that they currently don't have, like maybe we do exactly like OP's suggestion where you switch actions to beats instead of melody notes.

If we do as OP suggests, make her Metronome a Beat instead of Mallet, make Mallet the Melody so we can put any song on there at all and it just deals out the damage at different rates and amounts based on the Bar. Then we gain our buffs based on hitting the Beat... I agree, that would be more involvement in the abilities. That would be a more sensible way around the issues we have. Heck, we could even give her a full Octave of notes to play songs on because we wouldn't be using those to gain our buffs, the ability would be using them instead.

But it would also be a form of nerf, because we would need to rework how we gained and maintained those Buffs from Metronome in order to compensate for only having three Beat types (currently).

It would need to be more active, more involved, and that is a technical nerf to her because it would remove the easy part of playing Octavia.

And THAT is why we didn't see any change to Octavia for her Prime.

Because DE don't want to (seem to) nerf a frame for Prime Access. They don't want to change her because any change they do could easily be considered a nerf.

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they're fickle when it comes to improving frames when their primes release, they might base it on whether the frame is popular or not. just how inaros didn't get any improvements probably because he's pretty popular as a pure health tank despite having a terrible kit.

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Mechanically/ Meta speaking she is VERY good. 

But her Mandachord Songs sounds are AWFUL,
and her ability colors are ugly (specially on her 4)

So I mute her songs and run black energy

Having said this, if her Prime version doesnt have any improvements
I dont see her Prime Access performing well. Those who like Octavia
absolutely love her, but those who dislike her absolutely hate her.
There is no in-between.

What do you think of the cosmetics tho? I personally think her Armor 
looks so bad. Sure, it fits Octavia Prime, but I bet you to use it on any
other frame and make it look good. 

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If I was going to give Octavia a QOL I would:

·       When activating the abilities, you will still be able to hear the music no matter the distance of the 1st and 2nd ability.


3rd ability:

·       When you miss a beat the percentage doesn`t go down but instead stays at the current percentage you’re at. (This means you can make music instead of making a flat note for convenience)

·       You only need to perform the actions three time to the beat in sync before you get the buff.


Unfortunately, even if these improvements were to happen I won`t change how much I will play her, she boring and most of her abilities are build for stationary missions and this game is mostly about getting from point A - B. Because of this. she is one of my least favourite frames.

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So everything went without a slightest change. 

Octavia is the same effective but endlessly boring warframe that everyone just gonna mute including myself because she is good at endless missions and ~10 sec piece of track on repeat for an hour is crazy annoying.

No point in fashion since she has to stay invis forever.

The effective boring frame. 🤮

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2.I found it a pita to keep invisibility up to the point where I don't even play octavia even though stealth is my preferred play style and she is the strongest stealth frame that exists, I would love a mod that just turned this into a toggle duration even at the cost of the mod slot.

3.feel like wanting to see a stealth frame kind of goes against what it stands for maybe ? Initially didnt' even realize wisp was a stealth frame.

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