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Please, for the love of the Lotus, fix this long running problem. I've reported this quite a while ago, even providing video showing the problem, which is very frustrating and ongoing.


Void Relic defence missions.... If the host leaves, and everyone else stays, or just 2 people stay, only the new host gets to choose another void relic. The other people have to play 5 more rounds for nothing. I showed a video of this previously. The problem here is that the new hosts game will load much quicker than those who aren't hosting, and by the time the non-hosts are loaded up, the timer has expired, so the relic choice menu doesn't even show up and the non-hosts are put straight into combat. 


Orphix & Void Relic survival missions....   If the host leaves, others are sometimes forcibly extracted from the mission without even being at the extraction area. This mainly seems to happen when the host enters the extraction area and another person reaches extraction when the timer almost reaches zero. Anyone else, still playing, is forcibly extracted and anything earned is lost. A mission complete screen is displayed, but it is totally blank. Checking your inventory shows nothing earned and the items don't get delivered via messages. Any affinity gained is also lost. Those forcibly extracted are considered to have not played the level at all. I believe I had previously showed a video, or provided a link to my xbox profile showing a video of this happening as well. 


This really isn't acceptable, and should have been addressed by now since it is a long running issue, that i'm certain others have reported and experienced . It's sure not fun when you play 30-60 minutes for nothing at all. 


I feel, at the very least, someone could acknowledge their awareness of this very heart-breaking problem. Thank you.


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