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Examples of Waypoint and Extraction location issues

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Attached are two screenshots from the same tile.

At one end of the tile, the extraction location is at an 11 oclock angle from me on the map


If I go to a different corner of that tile, extraction is somewhere else entirely, at about 2 oclock angle.



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Another example of Waypoint frustration.  Doing a Deimos bounty, the stage 1 objective was in a cave, waypointed just like the first picture (though tbh, the screenshot was snapped later).  After completing stage 1, the stage 2 waypoint is on the cave entrance I came in through.  So I go out through it.

Once outside, the waypoint still shows to go inside.  Inside shows going outside.  Then I snapped this screenshot from outside:


Realizing the waypoint is probably false, I start backing up and flying around randomly looking for where to go.



Finally, I hit a spot that makes the waypoint snap across the map to where I'm actually supposed to go.


Apparently it was ~600 meters from my first pic's location.  But even when I was already 1200 meters in that direction, it wouldn't move.

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