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Ever since Orphix Venom dropped I have had nothing but issues when it comes to the Cambion Drift.

Problem 1) Fishing

It's near impossible to fish now, most times fish refuse to spawn so if you want even just a few you have to go running all over the Drift just to snag some. Not exactly ideal if there's a specific fish you need parts from to spawn as they just won't. Sometimes they will spawn during Hot Spots and will continue to spawn once the spots vanish but it's very slow (averaging one fish after about 10-15 seconds with no other fish spawning until the first one is hooked.). Using any kind of bait straight up stops all fish spawns every single time (from my experience anyway).

Problem 2) Mining

So often when I run out into the Cambion Drift I will pull out my Drill to snag some resources (since Otak demands a crap ton of Dagonic and Tiametrite...) and I will find maybe one or two pings across the entire map.

Problem 3) Pheromones

For some strange reason pheromones are inconsistent with being used. I tried to see if there was a pattern to why they don't work, thinking maybe I was trying to use it when the other versions only spawn during Vome while it's currently Fass or vice versa. I have found no such consistent pattern. Trying to use a Predasite pheromone during Vome and Fass works if it feels like it. I've tried during both segments and it just works at random.

Problem 4) Velocipods

I'm sure they're not supposed to be super common, but even the Green ones (which I used to find fairly often) are super hard to come by ever since OV dropped. I found 2 white VP's the other day and that was it. I traverse into CD fairly often and run around looking for Fass and Vome residue and I can say the number of Velocipods has dwindled greatly.

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