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Mastery Rank Test failed caused by server connection lost

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Today I farmed mastery points and was able to do Mastery Rank 30 test, Before final test I did several (3 or 4) practice and finished them. after practice tests I went to normal test. when I had complete 5 of 5 stage on the test (killed every enemy include bosses) went to last support tower and clicked "X' and as usually "you have earned the mastery rank" text pop up after that when I click "continue" to back my ship another text block pop up that said "server connection lost" and I got log out after that happen. when I come back my Master Rank test was failed and my MR rank was 29. I would be happy if DE fix. I will try use support too but I know response will be too late (more than 24h and after this time I already can re do MR test so there is no point to contact support about to fix this bug for me and give me MR 30 because I can do it again in tomorrow) but fix it for other players pls. 

P.S my internet connection was perfect whole time 


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