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During a Sortie/Free Roam mission, I approached the first mission objective within the Plains, which generated a drone which I needed to protect, of course. However, in every mission instance where I've switched to my Operator to regenerate energy, this caused the drone to remain in place for the rest of the mission unless I reloaded it.

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19 hours ago, (NSW)Electropuncher said:

There seems to be a scripting change with how PoE drones work. You'll find a ton of anecdotes on fixing it in mission. What worked for me was killing all nearby enemies, but this does seem like a bug that slipped in a few updates ago.

Flying a far enough distance away from the drone by around 300-1000m (and then returning back to it) seems to resolve this behavior, though the issue can still repeat itself given transference is used nearby again.

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I've seen drones get hung recently, but didn't see the cause.  In my cases (twice), I was following it in my mech (voidrig).  Both times, it got hung for several minutes, then eventually started moving again.

I don't remember transferring out of the mech while escorting the drone, but I might have.

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