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Zephyr's turbulence still lets her take damage from Juno elite crewmen.


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This has been an issue since the new corpus ship tile set came out and makes her practically impossible to play on them at any higher level. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it but I'm a bit desperate at this point. It's gotten slightly better as you have to be closer to them to still take damage, but taking one wrong step can lead to you nearly instantly dying if your shields were already down from a shock eximus and shield gating can't save you. I understand that the ability can't just be immortality, however, considering it's her only tool of staying alive and she's paper thin without it means that she REALLY needs projectiles to be stopped. While units carrying an ignis, hyekka master and scorch, punch through it, they're rare enough they can usually be avoided or taken out early, bombards/napalms are the same where they can still instantly ruin you which absolutely sucks, but the commonality of the unit and the chances of getting hit by them are low enough it doesn't instantly ruin your day. 

Examples below (please note all gifs are running 103% range) 

Juno crewmen: 

Corpus Tech (used as both enemies use a supra), even while hugging them, can't deal damage unless they melee: 

A couple examples of getting hit through turbulence in steel path in situations that wouldn't kill against any other enemy type (save any enemy with an ignis)

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That part with Magnetize is due to them being projectiles.  The ability doesn't absorb or disable them, but redirect their flight paths.  They'll still harm you, but now they aren't flying at you. ...unless you walk into it like that.

Turbulence affects projectiles similarly, redirecting their flight paths instead of disabling them.  That's why if you stand point-blank against a projectile shooting enemy, you can still take damage.  This is also why explosive rounds, such as from bombards, can still pose a threat through Turbulence: it doesn't stop explosive damage; the rocket can be redirected into the ground and explode nearby.  The problem with Juno crewmen is their shots aren't redirected.

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they fly at you when the duration is up. how would it make sense in any capacity for someone to be able to control the rounds in the first place but cant stop that one specific round  them from hitting themselves. and on top of that it ignores shield gate mechanics. lvl 200 if you're not invulnerable you're dead. she went from the primer corpus killer to being essentially unusable for high level corpus

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