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Falcor bugged with several Glaive mods due to innate punchthrough

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The Falcor is unable to effectively utilize mods that add explosions on bounce.

Falcor possesses an innate 1m punchthrough on charged throw attacks. It seems that mods like Volatile Rebound and Volatile Quick Return only remove punchthough added by mods (Power Throw).

While it sounds useful being able to have punchthrough AND explosions, the Falcor ends up not bouncing due to its punchthrough and doesn't trigger the explosions unless it hits an object it can't penetrate (like a wall or floor).

Currently the only way to utilize these mods on the Falcor is to use a standard throw attack from a partial charge. It's a real bummer because this was my favorite glaive on account of its vicious enemy tracking.

Thanks for reading. 

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