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Could you guys add another snake based Warframe? My username is Peanuts107.

My idea is based on late game activities. For instance: Steel path, Eldilon boss hunting, loot finds, health, armor, and energy boosts, Status removal and damage buffs, etc.

This idea was a few weeks in the making, studying different Warframes, the new addons to the game, and seeing what all needed to be there for a decent end-game Warframe that I know people will enjoy playing with friends, or alone as much as I will if you guys add it.

Lore: Jericho was made long ago for a time of desperate initiative. The Tenno who created him is unknown, and long dead leaving the whole story fragmented. The Warframe stands as reminder that sometimes the Tenno should still fear the dark, for it was the darkness that shattered Jericho's past.

Description: Jericho is a reptilian Warframe. Providing a wide rang of support for allies, but maintaining a deadly amount of lethal force. Though lacking complete control, Jericho is a wild animal, leaving all fights a surprise ending.

1- Please name it Jericho. ( I have a ball python named jericho that inspired this idea in its entirety.)

2-First ability is always a simple, yet effective one. This one is similar to Protea's third ability, and Khora's fourth ability.

I chose it to be; "Constrict": Constrict pins enemies in place in a small radius coiled in phantom pythons that bleed their health and shields giving a healing and shield boost to Jericho and nearby allies. Enemies killed while "Constricted" have increased ammo, energy, and loot drops.
 (This ability is very much needed for late game support with allies, and can give you a quick escape from a small group of high level enemies by "Constricting" them if you need to regen or regain energy.

3- Second ability is usually one of the least used ones, but I found a decent and not broken use for this one.

Similar to Saryn's "Shed": Shed removes all status de buffs and grants invisibility for 10 seconds unless you attack. and a damage/speed buff for 10 seconds. However, Shed leaves you "soft" in defense for a short time until your new scales harden. (8 seconds of -50% armor) This ability will have to be cooldown based most likely for balance. (maybe 30 seconds?)

4- Third ability is a personal buff/attack that is necessary for some boss fights, and for single player steel path missions/quests.

Its called "Reptilian Rage": Reptilian rage engages the reptilian part of Jericho's neural construction. This removes the fear of injury, buffing shields and increasing all movement speed, attack speed, critical damage, critical chance, and damage for the equipped weapon for a duration. This consumes energy per second, and ends any other active abilities Jericho may have had.

5- The fourth ability is just a standard super.

"Phantom Morph": This turns you into a large enraged python that can blast through opponents with devastating kinetic damage, or coil small groups of enemies into a ball that deals 100% of all your damage per second for however long your energy lasts. The cool down on this should be big-ish XD.

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