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account tranfer ps4-pc


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No, you cannot get an admin to answer your question.  A search will no doubt explain it.  Ultimately, console companies would have to OK such transfers, and they don't have much reason to do that.

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1 hour ago, (PSN)yaboiii_420 said:

can i get an admin to tell me

I'm sorry... aside from the absolute hybris to think that an "admin" (by which, I guess, you mean a dev) will take their time to answer your question, which they have alredy answered several times in front of the whole community...

... you posted this request in Players Helping Players, the section of the forums where it is guaranteed that no admin will ever come?

My child, my child. Welcome to the forums. Please take your time to get acquainted with these forums. In particular I suggest you become friends with the search bar.

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