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Nintendo Warframe corruption software close


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almost all the time when i play warframe on Nintendo switch the game would sometimes in the middle of a session of me playing it would crash and tell me corrupted data was found and id have to re-download the whole game again and go through the hole download faze again which takes about 5 or 6 hours to download again, this is the 12th time now and if this can be solved ill just stop playing all together and never play warframe again, i know this is probably not the right topic but pls fix this, i really love this game and have been playing warframe for 3 years on different platforms and im on switch now and id hate to never play my favorite game iv ever played...


if ur a dev pls notify this as im pretty sure others might have this issue and switch users might stop playing warframe on switch... 

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The issue may be the SD card you're using. Read this: 

Basically, the Switch version of WF is a bit chunkier than the Switch likes, so just slapping in a memory card is not really gonna do it. If you're using a budget SD card, it's probably not reading/writing fast enough for the game, and you're getting corrupted data.

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