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Zephyr Moves Slowly in Hubs (Cetus, Fortuna, Necralisk) and Relays


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When entering a hub/relay as Zephyr, her walk and run speeds are reduced.  Her parkour speed is not noticeably affected and her low gravity passive is disabled (I bring up because Nezha's extended slide passive is not disabled).

Opening Arsenal and switching to another frame will not resolve the issue, the slow movement speed persists until leaving the hub/relay.  Inversely, entering the hub/relay as not Zephyr and then switching to her via the Arsenal will not cause the bug.

Slow movement speed occurs when entering a hub/relay as Zephyr/Zephyr Prime and persists until leaving.

Slow movement speed also occurs in the Orbiter when, while Zephyr is equipped, you exit the Necramech/Vehicle tab in the Arsenal.  Low gravity passive is enabled within the Orbiter.

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