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[NA] [PSN] Cellhaven Guard Clan Recruitment

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Hello everyone! Cellhaven Guard is looking for new members! I'll be 100% transparent, there's only 3 of us currently in the clan and one person hasn't logged on in well over a year. Myself and the other person (my brother) do actually log on pretty consistently and now that I'm regaining my footing in the game, I'm actually excited to play again. Granted I don't really like not having anyone to run stuff with. So here I am looking for people new and vets alike to join and just enjoy playing the game. Totally friendly, no pressure gaming. We do work and have lives outside of the game, but at least one of us logs in daily.

We're a Ghost clan and I've pretty much built everything I could out of pocket after leaving my old clan. So while I don't have EVERYTHING researched, I've done my best with what I had and continue to build everything up. Hopefully a lot of you consider joining up and don't let the meager 3 members put you off. I hope to be way bigger with an active and friendly community that will really pump some energy back into my love for Warframe. Thank you for reading and hope to see you in space!

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Hello fellow tenno,

Are you still recruiting by any chance. I'm only MR4 and still pretty much a newb. I decided to try and get back into warframe after a long hiatus.

I'm like you a have a day job so I don't always log in every day but would like to learn more about this vast knowledge that anyone can give.

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