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I'm a bit concerned because, as per my previous topic around here somewhere, I was scrolling around my Mastery Rank progress via my profile and some zaws and kitguns are recorded as 0% progress despite kills and such recorded with it elsewhere. And I know I used Rattleguts a lot because I rather enjoyed its fire rate. I have used Gaze and Tombfinger a lot, too, twice even. Primary and secondary grips. 

Wtf? This a bug? 

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To add to what Magicfingers said, you only get mastery points from each kitgun chamber, and not kitgun type.

So, if you gild and rank up Tombfinger primary, you get 3000 points. Gilding and leveling Tombfinger secondary later on will not give you any mastery points.

However, to have a full profile, you still need to rank up both weapon types, primary and secondary.

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