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Orbiters with different Interiors

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Is it just me, or I am the only one who wants different interiors for different orbiters.

Its kinda silly to see the same front view from Liset on other orbiters like Mantis or Xiphos. Plus, it won't be that hard to implement just different windows to match the spaceship. It just breaks the emergence.

I really hope you can implement this in the near future. Because I don't see to much people engaging in this topic.


Hope to hear more opinions!

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Why do open 3 times the same threads for this???


The landing craft ≠ our orbiter.
Our Orbiter is much larger and most likely the same for all tenno.
Even if the orbiters cockpit is part of the landing craft it would be difficult do have different layouts, since it would make swapping your landing craft more annoying if you always have to remove and replace decorations.
- https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orbiter

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still, even tho you will have to replace your decorations, I stated that it would be nice to have different windows. And not the same one to all the landingcrafts.

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