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Revenant Enthrall Ability Touch Up For His Deluxe Skin

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After seeing Revenant's new deluxe skin i went back to play him, after playing some mission and testing and making different builds i realized that his first ability is lacking and would need a bit of touch up to make it better There are things that i feel that fights against him making his enthrall ability lack

Hopefully de goes back and gives him a touch up.

1:His thralls cap is 7 which is ok but that's also the problem. When i would have seven up i would not be able to activate my first ability anymore, my thralls would be at one side of the map staying back fighting enemies, but ill be on the other side of the map unable to make new thralls. Especially when there is a troubling enemy that i will like to control, but i am unable too.

What would be great would be if we had the ability to recast(enthrall) and make new thralls even if we are at the cap, but by doing that it gets rid of one of his other thralls,(keeps the strongest enemy type and remove the weakest ones). That way while we are in missions that require us to keep moving like capture and rescue we are able to keep up and not have to keep going back to get rid of the old thralls or waiting for our duration to end just to make new ones.

2:Danse Macabre needs to go back to how it was before it destroys the pillars. the only thing that it does by destroying the pillars is doing a aoe blast that knock down enemies, but danse macabre would kill the enemies before the pillars are destroyed contradicting the pillars aoe knock down.

The pillars are better there staggering and making beta thralls. Also because allies can kill the thralls having the pillars up to make more helps maintain his thrall count. At base the duration of the pillars are 10 second and depending on the players duration it can go up or down, and the beta thralls that are made from them do not make new pillars, so it isn't something that is out of control and is just sitting there like turrets.

3:The projectiles from the energy pillars need to have better homing and a longer reach time to hit enemies,(there are times that a homing projectile would miss an enemy when the enemy is right below it or disappear before it hits a enemy). In that case remove the damage from the projectiles the pillars make and allow it to have a 100% convert if the enthrall cap is not met. But when the enthrall cap is met, the homing projectiles will just stagger non thrall enemies

By doing this you are giving the pillars a better reason to stay up and not be destroy by his danse macabre.

I know that there are some people that would like his thralls to not be able to be destroy by allies, but that is what makes revenant feel different when it comes to controlling enemies, plus if revenant is able to enthrall enemies even at his 7 enthrall cap and the pillars are able to stay up, there would be no reason to worry about allies killing revenant thralls because more would always be made by him or the pillars.

His other abilities are great and work well, it was just his enthrall ability that has a bit of a problem and needs a touch up to make his kit well much better.

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another thing that self defeats enthralls spread is that thralls share the same duration under the same cast, which means that thrall durations decay the more they spread and once the duration ends all thralls get released all at once instead of one at a time.

and yet another thing that self defeats thrall spreading is that thralls made from pillars don't drop pillars themselves, which is like the entire better half of the ability.

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I'd say not having the thralls be immune to friendly fire (except from the Revenant who owns them) is another big problem with Enthrall. Two of Revenant's abilities synergize with thralls, but if you play on public matchmaking, you're gonna team up with idiots who see anything that doesn't look like a fellow Tenno as free real estate. The synergies are fine, but the thralls need to have some way of staying alive long enough for their master to utilize them.

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