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Solo Pausing and energy drain/gain over time

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Playing solo as Ivara, doing stealth finishers for extra affinity.  I was playing with nearly full energy, with Prowl going (drains energy over time), but needed to pause a few minutes, so I did.  When I unpaused, all my energy was gone.  I don't think this is normal, pausing is supposed to halt the game state, not continue to drain energy over time the whole while.

So I decided to experiment.  I did an Energizing Dash, started charging energy, and hit pause/menu.  A minute or two later, I unpause and my energy is fully charged. Nice ;)

So pausing seems to not stop any energy drain/gain over time, though it does stop everything else.

Attached are two screenshots of pause letting Energizing Dash be abused.  Observe the stealth finisher countdown timer in each, as well as my energy level in each.  In the first, I had just done an Energizing Dash, and I had 15.3 seconds on stealth combo timer, and 143 energy.  I took that screenshot, I quickly paused, waited a couple real world minutes, unpaused, and took the second screenshot. In 2.7 in-game seconds, its restored 157+ energy.  It can do the whole 300 (or more) just as easily.



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