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Can someone help me determine the price which I should sell my riven for?



Hi, so I am a complete newbie when it comes to everything riven.

I have an Acceltra riven and I want to see how much I could sell it for.

Stats and Name:

  • Acceltra Acribin
    • Polarity - Vazarin
    • +95.8% Crit Damage
    • +37.6% Ammo Maximum
    • -29.3 Multishot
    • MR 10
    • Rerolled 10



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29 minutes ago, -CdG-Zilchy said:

Well the curse on it is really bad unfortunately and it only has 2 positive stats not 3, so I'd consider that pretty much selling as an unrolled riven. Check out riven market to get an idea of what unrolled Acceltra rivens are going for

Should I try to reroll it?

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