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I was thinking that the 1 could act like Ash's Bladestorm where you tap to target up to _ enemies, and you hold to launch a missle at each of them.

The missiles would be high damage with a very high velocity, and they'd be heat seeking missles that could easily turn and change directions quickly. The offset would be that the radius of the explosion would be insanely low (like less than 10m). This way they'd be more for single target damage.

As for the 3 and 4, just make their range far larger. That's it.

These changes would further cement it's place as the offensive role Archwing, and they shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

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1 minute ago, JimmuTanno88 said:

Those changes look awesome, now if only they'd give more archmissions/integrated gameplay(?) to use it in.

I personally have always been okay with Archwing until Railjack came out. Now I kinda love Archwing. It's super fun to me and I can't wait for more Archwing stuff in the future.

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