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100P Giveaway!

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I’ve been away from WF for a while (I played as Giggaman on PS4) but I’m back on beautiful PC. Just starting from scratch so I figured I’d start helping too. Anywho, I’ll randomly choose 1 winner within the next day or two. Good luck, everyone!

EpicdudeX has won!! Thanks all :)

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Winner chosen
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Interested but also skeptical here. I definitely need plat, but how are you going to choose your winner randomly? Is it like the people in this thread or something else?

EDIT: Never mind, I found your old posts on the Internet, which explains a lot to me. You do seem like a nice guy, so keep it up and enjoy the game!

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32 minutes ago, OrbDropper said:

Congrats EpicdudeX! I can trade you your 100p this Friday or Saturday CST. Thanks to everyone who joined, I wish I could help you all. 

Now I have no clue whether this was random or not XD

I'll PM you on the forums for the pickup.

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