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This...is Gaion (Guy-on); the earthen, the solid. The vanguard of life's foundation, Gaion stands strong against his enemies with influence over all manner of earth and the sum of its parts.

Health: 400
Shields: 150
Armor: 225
Energy: 180
Sprint Speed: 1.10

Stoic and Robust, Gaion will provide his squad with a formidable layer of protection from the enemy; cleaving through their ranks like a titan of stone.

With his first ability, Terra Impact, Gaion has two options: If initiated on solid ground, he will lauch forward a sharp, crystallized mineral disc that has a diameter of 5m across.  Alternatively, if initiated from the air, Gaion will hurl an extremely dense rock spike at the ground, creating a shockwave that does damage to enemies and inflicts a very strong knockback. Hold to charge while in mid-air to lock on to one specific enemy, harpooning them to the surface the spike strikes.


Range: 15m
Damage: 450 (Disc) 700(Air Spike)
Jump Height: 8m

His second ability, Stagnant Hazard allows him to summon a perfect diamond sphere, but do not be fooled, Tenno; The value of this sphere pales in comparison to the value of the chaos it will cause on the battlefield.  The sphere will dissolve into a smoke of diamond dust particles that jettison out radially into the vicinity; charging will increase the range in which this is effective at the cost of energy and a longer activation period. The high reflectiveness of the diamond dust particles will make it capable of blinding enemies and then jamming their weapons. But the fun doesn't end there, Tenno. Hold this ability to shape the diamond dust inside affected enemy garments into spikes; impaling them from the inside out and bloodletting them again.


Range: 25m
Blind Duration: 11 seconds
Jamming duration: 11 seconds
Affected enemies will be highlighted on the UI for ease of use. 
Diamond Spike damage: 450 + Slash Status


Suit up, Tenno. Gaion's third ability, Bastion grants him the protection of an evolving suit of rock armor. Taking damage slowly devolves the armor, cutting back on protection in exchange for the building potential of exploding when destroyed, stunning all enemies nearby. Dealing damage evolves the armor, increasing its protection incrementally. Once the armor is at its final form, it will be locked there temporarily as nearby allies are gifted with a dense layer of mineral dust. This aura absorbs the kinetic energy of projectiles that make contact, reducing their damage.


Stone Armor: Damage reduced by 25/30/35/40% when active (When destroyed, explodes, doing 2750 damage and stunning all enemies in 19 meters for 10 seconds.)
Mineral Armor: Damage reduced by 35/40/45/50% when active (locked for 10 seconds when reached)
Metal Armor: Damage reduced by 55/60/65/70% when active (locked for 25 seconds when reached.)

Once the lock phase of the armor passes, you must do a steady stream of damage to maintain that level of protection. After a lull of 20 seconds of no damage being dealt to enemies, the armor will automatically devolve to the level below.

Mineral dust aura: Damage reduced by 45% for allies while active.

Let the rage take over, Tenno! Gaion's Final ability, Tectonic Denial allows him to enwreathe his fist in a caestus of stone and drive it into the ground. The resulting explosion will create a radial volley of spike shrapnel that drags enemies struck through the air, nailing them to the nearest surface; further causing them to hemorrhage profusely...if only temporarily. 


Number of spikes: 16/20/24/28
Area of Effect: 360 degrees/ 20m
Spike Punch-Through: 4m
Damage: 250 + 3% total enemy health over 6 seconds



Would really appreciate some constructive feedback on this one; I really like it!


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1 hour ago, d0n41dth3gr34t said:

Sounds like an interesting concept, my advice though is to lean more into the crystalline aspect of the design rather than the earthen design to avoid confusion with atlas.

This concept is actually an Atlas sidebar. Youtuber @Brozime made a Full Roster Review 2021 and Atlas wasn't doing so hot. Decided to bounce this off of the community!

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