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NSW Orphix Venom: Hotfix #2


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  • Fixed dirt disappearing on Gral's Kubrodon Floof when viewed at specific angles in the diorama.
  • Fixed Nightwave diorama music not stopping when exiting a Glassmaker diorama before it completes.
  • Fixed missing scroll bar in the Nightwave ‘Tune In’ screen to view all the Acts.
  • Fixed some Quest icons in Codex not displaying 'locked' visual distortion.
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If it helps to know, upon the next login day (This was a day or two ago), I did see an increase to my standing from completing the Feed The Beast Nightwave challenge!


I think the main issue right now is that while it does award the standing it says (1,500, even though it's a weekly one, which usually come with 4,500), that standing is not awarded immediately when the challenge is completed. All in all;

  • I'm not sure of the cause, but based on what I saw, it seems to keep track of the fact you did do the challenge at some point.
  • Visually on the Nightwave interface, the challenge can then reappear as not completed (Normal) if you log out and back in before your next daily login (That's my observation), which can visually / functionally be re-completed. But of course doing that wouldn't yet award standing (Nor would it award a second instance of standing, thankfully! That'd be broken for sure).
    • I'm reasonably sure that until it's fixed, you don't need to redo the challenge if you logged out / back in before the next daily reset, for the standing to be counted. If anyone has further details, I'm all ears. This challenge seems to be causing a few issues for everyone in some way, going by some of the threads I saw about it.


I hope this helps in fixing that challenge!

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@[DE]Helen Can we please get a statement on when we are getting the Riven updates from Nezha Prime? its been four months now since all other platforms got updated riven dispositions, and we are still here with our 0.5 disposition on panthera prime that was released in in June of last year. Its frankly kind of awful that we literally have received no feedback on this, and it hasn't been looked at at all. Surely its not so hard to change a few numbers. Are you literally unaware of this issue? Are we gonna get Octavia Prime access and still have riven dispositions from back in June? Any statement at all would be helpful

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