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Star Days Are Here On All Platforms!


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Celebrate love and earn your wings for a limited time!



Love is what keeps the planets spinning — the love of friends, family, lovers, or even your bestest Kavat! Love is the glue that binds the Origin System together. Nobody knows this better than Ticker, who's honoring love in all its forms during Star Days!

To get into the Star Days spirit, claim special Rewards by exchanging Debt-Bonds at Ticker’s decked-out booth in Fortuna until February 24 at 2 p.m. ET. 



Take your Fashion Frame to new heights with the majestic Eros Ephemera, customize your Arsenal with returning Rewards like the Eros Arrow Skin, and don’t miss out on brand-new seasonal Glyphs. Plus, add the special Star Days Floof to your Orbiter!



Star Days Rewards will only be available until February 24 at 2 p.m. ET, so don’t wait to start spreading the love!



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Thanks for the neat mini event and cool new cosmetics! 

I feel like 25 Familial bonds for a color palette is a little steep given how rare they are. Might want to reconsider that one, or at least have Ticker carry them for purchase way more often. Assuming Profit Taker is about 5 min per run, that's 2hrs of grind for that one item. Another 2hrs for the floof and wing decoration. Definitely doable, but not fun in my book. 

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Yay, another event in which i have to farm 5 hours to get something of minimal impact. 25 familial bonds.. outstanding gameplay... Imma enjoy doing the exact same thing for hours, time and time again, for no other reason than that you could make us do it... 

Please DE, just give us some compelling gameplay, its getting very stale here. Love the wings, love the glyphs, but seriously, repeating the same thing for hours is not gameplay, its boring as hell.

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17 hours ago, (NSW)MoonlightSerenade said:

Might want to address the rarity of the Family Bonds....

This, so much. In the year I've been playing Warframe, I've only seen Ticker sell Familial Debt-Bonds maybe three times. I get that it's an incentive to do Fortuna bounties, but then you factor in RNG and/or the fact that you can't replay a bounty when you've cleared it (I think, I could be wrong)... yeah, some of us don't have the time to grind bounties out on the Valis. :/ Especially since for Switch players, being out in Orb Valis often leads to the dreaded host migration mid-mission. Had that happen at least 5 times during 2 bounties yesterday.

Not saying they should be permanent additions to her inventory, but making the drop rates in her shop a little higher would be nice, please. :T

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