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[RAILJACK] Few Bugs Acquired!

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First bug found: When getting invited from dojo, upon entering their railjack the same time they launch a mission you will be stuck in an endless running loop in one direction and are unable to stop unless you abort mission.


Second bug found: Only the host of the railjack mission can use the Tether and successfully blow it up. Anyone else trying can shoot the tether when it shows links but the enemy will never take damage or die.

Third bug found: when in the artillery cannon shooting the crew ships, I have found that even when shooting the engines or bottom part of the ship it will only take about 60%(estimated) of the shot. Wasting another charge to actually finish it off. I say (wasting) because there are only 5 shots total and can only forge 2 at a time.

Fourth bug(but least important): When shooting the tracking missile to disable enemy crew ship shields, the missile will sometime not even track or lock on to the target and will instead fly right over it even when withing 800m.

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