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Love of Star Days Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Virtual Valentine. This postcard was made by me in just one night and I do not think the result is the most successful. However, I found it fun and decided to get down to business with humor and creativity: while all wish each other a lot of love and promise to get a star from the sky, let my valentine looks like the threat that you could be eaten in an unusual way as the grineer in the lower left corner. In addition, this is an interesting experience for me, because although it is a virtual postcard, I tried to create the illusion that it is not drawn on a computer, but made by hand and can be held in your hands. I wonder how plausible it turned out?uDVwjUO.jpg

Full size: https://www.behance.net/gallery/113680825/ValentinesStar-Days-postcard-(Warframe-contest)

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There is quite a lot of chatter and poetry ahead of you, due to the fact that the author has itching in one place since the announcement of this competition. If you are interested, enjoy your reading :3

Valentine: virtual
(Although I was thinking about to: how draw it in real life?)

  Fuuuh, I'm finally done! Although I may have overdone it a bit...
 I will say right away that I do not know English perfectly, so... I try as best I can! (I sincerely hope that the rules do not prohibit the use of other languages in the final product):

Concept (couldn't be easier):


Main art:


Outside view:


Other side:



 I tried to translate the essence of the poems from Russian into English, but unfortunately now it's just a bunch of romantic text:


"Посвящается Зефир

 В тот день ты упала как ангел с небес.
На руках столь легка, словно облака вес.
Тогда я почувствовал, что должен помочь,
И мы стали тесно знакомы в ту ночь.

 Я помню ту силу, тот гнев, то стремленье,
Тот твой порыв, что был мил на мнгновенье.
Сомнения прочь я пытался прогнать,
Но страх высоты я не смог обуздать.

 Но тут ветер вдруг поменял направленье...
Грядёт ураган, что сметёт все сомненья.
Я чувствую смелость, поток, прилив сил,
Отныне паденье не потушит мой пыл!

 Твоя крепкая вера пробудила во мне,
Те силы, что тихо таились на дне.
Я делаю уверенный шаг, и порог позади,
Дороги назад мне теперь не найти.

 Ты помнишь тот шторм - наш первый полёт?
Вечно в сердце храню я ту тряску и взлёт.
Вскружила мне голову та высота,
Когда до земли оставалась верста.

 А наше падение, наш первый крах?
Где потерей тебя был мой жизненный страх.
Тогда мы упали, но вместе воспряли,
Наши тонкие связи так скоро крепчали.

 Ты помнишь то рвенье, что словно стрела?
Теперь оно греет мою веру в тебя.
Я вижу в тебе то что не видят другие,
Впервые эти связи такие тугие.

 Мы рассекали облака день и ночь,
Являя небу нашу силу и мощь.
Ты покорила моё сердце тогда,
И я осознал - это наша судьба.

 Мне снился сон, где была только ты,
И я, и чувство большой высоты.
И там, где я видел это виденье,
Я буду с тобой до конца, без сомненья.

 Ты помогла расправить мне крылья.
И вот, находясь под волной вдохновенья,
Я пишу эти строки с надеждой на то,
Что в любви ты примешь признанье моё.

 Я благодарен тебе за все те моменты,
Что была ты со мной. За те элементы,
Что ярко сияли внутри сильного ветра,
И как я ощущал любовь в его недрах.

 Меня ничто не волнует, даже страх высоты!
В эти звёздные дни мне нужна только ты. 
И на эроса крыльях улетим мы мигом...
Куда? Известно только бездны глубинам.


С любовью, твой Оператор"



"Dedicated to Zephyr

 You fell like an angel from heaven that day.
On hands as light as cloud weight.
Then I felt I hadet to help
And we became intimately acquainted that night.

 I remember that strength, that anger, a wish,
That impulse of yours that was sweet for a moment.
I tried to drive away all my doubts
But I could not curb the fear of heights.

 But then the wind suddenly changed direction...
A hurricane is coming that will sweep away all doubts.
I feel the courage, the flow, burst of strength
From now on, the fall will not quench my ardor!

 Your strong faith awakened in me
Those forces that quietly lurked at the bottom.
I take a confident step and the threshold is behind
Now there is no turning back.

 Do you remember that storm - our first flight?
Forever in my heart I keep that shaking and takeoff.
That height thrilled me
When there was a verst to the ground.

 And our fall, our first crash?
Where the loss of you was my life fear.
Then we fell, but we lift together
Our delicate bonds got stronger so quickly.

 Do you remember that zeal that is like an arrow?
Now it warms my faith in you.
I see in you what others do not see,
For the first time, these bonds are so tight.

 We cut through the clouds day and night
Showing our strength and power to the sky.
You won my heart then
And I realized - this our destiny is.

 I had a dream where there was only you
And me, and the feeling of great height.
And where I saw this vision,
I will be with you until the end.

 You helped spread my wings.
And now, being under a wave of inspiration,
I am writing these lines with the hope
That in love you will accept my confession.

 I am grateful to you for all those moments
That you were with me. For those elements
That shone brightly inside a strong wind
And how I felt love in his bowels.

 I don't care about anything, not even the fear of heights!
In these star days, I only need you. 
And on eros wings we will fly away in an instant...
Where? Only the depths of void known.

With love, your Operator"


 I tried to put my heart and soul into these lines and I hope that you will appreciate it at its true worth (just reading all this, think about the fact that the words sound well in Russian :3)
 Coming to the end, I want to wish you: love and be loved Tenno! 💝💖



 I like... no, I love Zephyr, and I'm very sorry that such a character is greatly underestimated (0.18% standard Zephyr and 0.31% Prime Zephyr among all mastery ranks, based on the results of 2020)... However, as far as I remember, new changes are coming for Zephyr along wich her deluxe, and I hope that they will be significant.
 Where did I stop? Oh yea! ...And I dedicated poems to her, although I am a rather mediocre poet. But these are star days! And I thought, why not test myself this way.

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I started two weeks ago using Krita - so far just for 3D Render, this is my first time with 2d pencil brush drawing. ^^ I still get lost and my spine stuff makes it difficult, but I tried to have some fun.  - Give your companions a litte extra cuddle time :) 🥰


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